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18h30 UTC; SATURDAY, 1 MARCH 2014:
Make no mistake about it, boys and girls:

The Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, as just marked its fifth anniversary (and in what may be a state of serious disarray), seems to be dominated by weird and unwholesome types for the most part in positions of trust, confidence and leadership (or what passes for them).

And its rank-and-file drookies being, for the most part, "poor whites" of the worst sort, seeing in its manufactured patriotism and warped reading of history (especially so its namesake Boston Tea Party of 1773, which was actually a protest against what nowadays would be called Unfair Trade Practices under sanction of the British Parliament--specifically, the British East India Company's being given carte blanche under the Tea Act 1773 to essentially dump duty-free tea upon the British colonies in North America) cheap and cheerful escape from their own emotional failings and inadequacies brought on, more than likely, by an unwillingness to face possible abuse, maltreatment or even dysfunctional upbringing directed at them in younger days, including being made to perform Lewd and Incestuous Acts by uncaring parents who otherwise saw themselves as "Good Christians" all the while.

Too, there's also the prospect of their parents and/or grandparents being, in their day, rather avid listeners of those Mexican broder-blaster radio stations overnights, as in call signs beginning with XE and with top-of-the-hour announcements being made in Spanish as much as in English. Especially so the "religious" programmes of what could best be called a crude and paranoid sort, structured to coax the maximum of the widow's and orphan's mite out of listeners; such programming dominated the early part of their broadcast night (yes, that was more often than not the case) from sign-on (usually around sundown along the Rio Grande) until midnight or thereabouts.

Such "religious" shows were, for the most part, the lifeblood of many border blasters, especially because they could fill plum air time at premium rates. And would, it turns out, be their demise; starting in about 1985, Mexico's General Directorate of Telecommunications, as regulates broadcasting south of the Rio Grande, banned paid-time religious broadcasts in English from the airwaves because of objections to their content from a largely Roman Catholic country. That, and the condition of many such stations' transmitters, not to mention an unwillingness on their owners' part to invest in new transmitters capable of belting out 500 kW of power on the sly, spelled the end of "border blaster" radio by 1990.

(Some interesting insights in the genre can be had in Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford's most excellent and authoritative history Border Radio: Quacks, Yodelers, Pitchmen, Psychics, and Other Amazing Broadcasters of the American Airwavesicon, which is richly illustrated and well-researched.)

No wonder "Tea Party" types, for all the insistence they have about "REAL AmeriKKKa" made flesh, are as detached from the Harsh Realities of America in the 21st century as it gets. One rivalled, perhaps, by the Afrikaner Volk down South Africa way who, in seeking apartheid for the sake of maintaining White Afrikaner Power and Dominion over South Africa, sought "sovereignty within its own sphere" more than anything else (as in exercising a "natural right" to be among their own kind, with their own schools, churches, institutions, culture, folkways and language--and then solely out of their own arrogant pride).

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