00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 7 NOVEMBER 2012: There are bound to be certain people, especially the weird and unwholesome sort, as are so detached from Reality that they fail to see the proverbial forest for the trees to the extent of becoming rather delusional, excused all the while as serving True Patriot Love in All Thy Sons Command.

The which may conceal possible emotional issues vis-a-vis childhood abuse, dysfunctional upbringing in a broken home, even being subjected to incestuous sexual debauchery under the banner of "asserting power and control."

And which such thus afflicted fail to come to terms with, hiding such in their own delusional patriotic fantasy world as is probably right out of apartheid South Africa's sugar-coated paradiso reserved to the "entitled as of right" White minority--especially if deemed "Afrikaner."

The which is of especial attention today, in response to President Barack Obama's reelection in Indecision 2012 here in our presumably "morally superior" United States. And as will be seen by clicking on the lead-off image to today's post, the AmeriKKKan Right's prolefeeders are going full-on ballisto in their calls for outright armed insurrection to Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation to His Divinely-Ordained Will and Design, one as must be right out of apartheid South Africa's insisting that, because of apartheid, they were God's Own Country ... and that apartheid was God's Will and Design for the Preservation of the White Man's Burden in Africa as the greater continent was falling prey to "Communism" under the guise of "independence movements," or so the official prolefeed (especially in Afrikaans, the lingua franca of Afrikanerdom) expected the Volk to believe.

As for the ultimate low in right-wing prolefeed reactions to developments (even as the Presidential vote count in Florida continues to be all too close to call, never mind Obama winning the requisite 270 Electoral College votes earlier in the evening), consider Glenn Beck's reaction as compared the body Our Dear Lovely Nation to someone afflicted with a Loathsome Sickness and may not have much longer to continue.

No wonder such calls to arms have particular appeal to the vulnerable and the emotionally-detached insisting they are the "REAL AmeriKKKan" ideal and example when, in fact, they're really "poor whites" as are just as detached from Reality as the prolefeed channels they depend upon. So detached, in fact, that they're grossly lacking in any serious job or career skills requisite to The New Economy, not to mention lacking any will or resolve to seek apropos retraining

Fortunately, though, save for an isolated incident in Pennsylvania involving a touch-screen voting termini as flipped one's Obama vote to Romney (and which was duly reported for possible technical issues; you may have seen the video in YouTube), Serious Mechanical Issues weren't all that widespread to cause full-on panic and alarm ... and the attempt by the so-called "True The Vote" movement to "protect Electoral Purity and Integrity" by sending in "concerned citizen" polling monitors to harrass and intimidate "undesirable" voter types, fizzled big-time:
  • Its boast of recruiting one million observers turned out being grossly exaggerated; more realistic figures suggest where the "Tea Party"-associated "campaign" was only able to attract some 10,000 "volunteers."
  • Affidavits filed by "True The Vote" affiliates in Hillsborough County, FL (as in the Tampa area) as unwittingly disqualified as Convicted Felons several persons of colour from the voting rolls reportedly were based on misleading and inaccurate information, translating into possible charges of Filing False Statements Under Oath, Voter Suppression and Conspiracies.
  • In Franklin County, OH (as in Columbus), their Board of Elections unamiously denied requests by "True the Vote"-affiliated "poll monitors" to thus serve after it emerged that signatures on the relevant forms were forged or otherwise used without permission; charges may be forthcoming.
Which just goes to remind us that "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

And perhaps the biggest whiners and bawlers out of the carnage that was Indecision 2012 would have to be such among "the Four Hundred" who, through the guise of "social welfare" organisations, produced crude atrocity prolefeed in the guise of "political campaign advertising" seeking not so much to "win over hearts and minds" of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" away from the Obama agenda as to undermine Our National and Sovereign Peculiar through the agency of a Mitt Romney Presidency, thereby betraying ourselves to the "New World Order" through projection, "Nae True Scotsman" and tu quoque for the most part.

The which translated to a net cost of some US$6 billion in campaign-related expenditure--all in all, a wasted investment and then some. And with nothing in the way of "social welfare" exercises to show for it, never mind an insistence upon socioeconomic recovery needing to be "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" through "people-centred" models founded, it turns out (but not explained in plain terms), upon Afrikaner Nationalist concepts of Reddingsdaad, Helpmekaar and Volkskapitalisme (or so they expect--and are likely to insist on expecting in their prolefeed, provided such is consistent with the "doctrines and disciplines" of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe throughout).

So expect those behind such failed attempts behind "feel-good," "patriotic"-stylee names to start turning all the more to Al Cohol for solace and comfort, oblivious to the consequences (and all the while subscribing to a "depiction-equals-approval" brand of illogical fantasy).

All in all, then, I suppose We, The Real Americans (not the delusional simulation Fox News Channel packages for prolefeed distractive every so often) are breathing a collective sigh of relief--until the insurrection gets full-on deadly serious, almost like "Bleeding Kansas" 150 years on.


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