18h UTC; SATURDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 2013: To certain specimens of conservative Zealotry and True Belief holding dear misogyny and the crudest of male chauvinism as articles of faith, "legitimate rape" ranks up there as a Sanctii Sanctorum in their desire to keep women under control and "do their duty" to God, Country and Race--especially if they're considered "Bible-Believing Christians" and "poor whites" as well.

Come to think of it, no gynecologist will concur with the infamous notion that "womens' reproductive systems have a way of shutting themselves down" in instances of "legitimate rape." The fact of the matter is, rape involves coercion, fear or threats of the old ultraviolence to force women into "submitting graciously" to the male's will for sexual purposes (and sometimes, the old ultraviolence itself being resorted to as a coercive tool), and what's more, there have been cases of women becoming pregnant in consequence of rape (with some of the fruits thereof dying stillborn, requiring Caesarean methods of birth or otherwise developing serious psychoemotional issues, especially the social stigma of being born as a byproduct of rape).

Taking the whole delusion of "legitimate rape" all the lower are these two recent instances from the press as are worthy of your attention, especially so among the True Believers in the whole notion of "legitimate rape":
  • Mayor Toru Hashimoto of Osaka, Japan has gone on record as playing apologist for the Imperial Japanese Army's notorious "comfort stations" near the front lines of World War II, and the kidnapping of native women from Japanese-occupied territories across East Asia (especially China, Korea and Indonesia) to serve as "comfort women" (read: prostitutes) for Japanese troops; Mayor Hashimoto saw such as "necessary to maintain military discipline" by "satiating the lust and harnessing the virility of Japanese soldiers." Said remarks prompting this online petition worthy of your signature.
  • An uproar has emerged over a Freshman Week "ritual" at St. Mary's University in Halifax, NS (Canada) casting its name and honour into disrepute after online video emerged showing first-year students on its football pitch chanting what essentially amounts to a tacit endorsement of forcible rape ("no consent," as the call to action went) with underage girls; in any event, the Student Assembly president thereof resigned in disgrace and some 80 student-organisation leaders have been asked to appear at a special meeting on rape and sexual-assault matters with university leaders. Expect also a Special Convocation to be called of all students about the whole scandal.
Is it any wonder, then, that conservatives who otherwise oppose birth control, contraception, pornography and "sexual deviancy" generally (homosexuality in particular) have such hard-wired Delusions of Grandeur about "legitimate rape" rivalling the Lebensborn initiative back in Nazi Germany which sought the Final Achievement of an "Aryan Master Race" of "Nordic Supermen" who would carry the Thousand-Year Reich onward to its Luscious Glory--howbeit by regarding marriage as "outdated and archaic" to the point of "hindering Race Mastery"?


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