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15h49 UTC; SUNDAY, 1 JANUARY 2012: In the argot of homosexual males, "meat for the poor" (sometimes "meat for days") is a colloquial term referring to abnormally large genitalia.

I bring this up at this time, reader, because certain homophobic "Christian Patriots" of the worst sort seem to enjoy pushing the prolefeed meme suggesting that the increased acceptance of homosexuality and feminism poses Clear and Present Danger to Masculinity which they love to see as somehow essential to, and interconnected with, the Defence of Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar.

A National and Sovereign Identity, it turns out, rooted in hypermasculine misogyny expecting women to be reduced to Objects of Fun bordering on floozies or, worse yet, prostitutes (cf. the Nazi regime's Lebensborn scheme to hasten the Final Perfection of an "Aryan Master Race" as would ensure the continuity of the Thosand-Year Reich, the which regarded marriage as "outdated" and "an unnecessary impediment" to Race Mastery, even if eugenics was its foundation).

And considering where many on the Christian Right still accept that discredited meme implying that Soy Is Feminizing, let alone opposing "government entitlements" seen as "endangering Our National and Sovereign Identity" expected to be based on capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics as Great White Father, such an element weird and unwholesome would just love to see lower-income communities being offered cheap and cheerful surplus beef as a "preemptive for homosexual tendencies" supposedly likely to be common in the Lower Classes based solely on their flawed contempt for (howbeit ironically) their greatest base of loyal support and power (beef, as we all know, being essential to masculinity in its Luscious Glory).

Only it emerges that the "preemptive" beef supply is little better than low-grade canned "bully beef" of the sort which triggered the Embalmed Beef Scandal during the Spanish-American War, when it emerged that American troops serving in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines were fed hastily-procured Government-issue beef from the major Chicago slaughterhouses that spoiled rather quickly thanks to a tacit acceptance of adulterants being added to (in theory) preserve the beef during the extended times in transit; said adulterants having sickened our troops with symptoms similar to epidemics of malaria and yellow fever prevailing in the same general theatres of conflict at the time, in effect producing more casualties from illness or sickness than from hostile fire. (It would even emerge that much of the "embalmed beef" came from diseased [in particular from tubuculerosis or lumpy jaw] or downed cattle, what with Federal meat inspection being in the distant future, not to mention such being processed by methods then used to make beef extract.)


In a side note to the preceding, it may be worth recalling that back in 1999, the school-lunch programme in the public schools of the Milwaukee suburb of Muskego was taken to task for using canned food ingredients as were several years past their recommended "use by" dates (in particular canned salmon whose "use by" date was seven years lapsed). Luckily, no serious illness or sickness among students ensued.


GOP Presidential wannabe Ron Paul couldn't be more weird or unwholesome in his campaign for the hearts and minds of Iowa social and religiopolitical conservatives expected to turn up wholesale on Tuesday week for the Presidential caucuses. Especially considering where:
  • his agenda turns out to have the unwitting support of the White Nationalist online portal, whose founder was on Cenk Uygur's The Young Turks on Current TV recently to acknowledgle openly that Ron Paul's articles of faith, notwithstanding recently-renewed controversy over past newsletters in his name carrying racist, nativist, homophobic and anti-Semitic content, parallel those of White Nationalists everywhere served by Stormfront; and
  • his comments at a recent campaign appearence suggesting that he would have let the big banks just go bankrupt during the 2008 fiscal crisis raising questions on Your Correspondent's part as to whether Paul's agenda is one based on a perverted brand of Natural Law, Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest popular among the same brand of conservatives who want the teaching of Darwinian principles of evolution supplanted in the schools with the Biblical account of Creation, as per their desired reforming of AmeriKKKan free public education along the lines of apartheid South Africa's Christelik Nasionale Onderwys syllabus.
Still, though, the Ron Paul Revolution and its articles of faith poses Clear and Present Danger to the very precepts of Individual Liberty and Freedom his campaign claims to be "defending and preserving" all the while. And which needs to be watched all the more if his Iowa caucus results turn out to be rather substantial heading into the New Hampshire primaries the week following, with an eye towards taking his agenda to task for the threats to liberty thereby posed.

As Josiah Quincy reminds us, "liberty is not safe where the people are not watchful."


Tell me this isn't a logical reason to shut down underperforming stores in the hope of recasting the remaining such among new and more innovative models: Sears Holdings, as owns Sears and Kmart stores, has released a preliminary list of 72 Sears and Kmart locations identified for closure within measurable distance as being sub-performing to the point of being willfully allowed to deteriorate and "become shabby" to the point of turning off consumers.

Dismal holiday-season sales, especially for household appliances such as are the "bread-and-butter" for Sears (which itself began as a mail-order house at the railroad station in North Redwood, MN in 1886), are cited as the main reason for announcing the eventual closing of between 100 and 120 Sears and Kmart locations, with liquidation sales therein to be announced later.

But then again, "Tea Party" Zealotry and True Belief hath this insistence that the defence of capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics is interconnected to that of Our National and Sovereign Identity, etc., as if the two needed coexistance For Mutual Benefit as cannot otherwise be identified clearly or coherently ... yet at the same time looking for ways to destroy the very capitalism they claim to be defending the Luscious Glory of, in due course recasting it (to paraphrase Georgr Orwell) into new shapes of its own choosing (in particular one supposedly "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," as per Afrikaner nationalist ideals of Volkskapitalisme, final forms to be [pre]determined at [nay, secretly, and prior to] a special Volkskongres ["people's congress"] to be called preparatory to Indecision 2012 by "Tea Party"-affiliated astroturf sects and movements, final details to be kept all the more secret "until the proper time comes")....


Meanwhile, Your Correspondent has been rather busy doing some work on his new website concept he calls Let's Wisconsin Dells!, to be dedicated--consecrated, even--to the Luscious Glory of what remains of "old-school" motels and resorts in the Waterpark Capital as viable, value-for-money lodging options for the value-conscious tourist attracted to what may be the hottest new American shoobie trap of recent years, serving both tourists and innkeepers in equal measure (or close to it). Hence, if you know of any innkeepers in this characteristic out Wisconsin Dells way, please let them know of this concept so they may express interest in being so listed. (I admit that I'm doing my best in this respect; as with my quasi-direct-mail efforts to promote this blog, I prefer using Engrish to [hopefully] attract attention and interest, getting such to [again, hopefully] sit up and notice this Noble Online Experiment.)

Hence, it appears likely that Your Correspondent may be considering a more sporadic approach to posting here to this blog for some time as I devote more of my online energies to Let's Wisconsin Dells! as requests for listings (hopefully) emerge. But I'll try not to forsake this The Blog That Am!; on the contrary, expect the posts to be a little less frequent, for which your indulgence and cooperation are graciously appreciated in the interim.

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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