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23h07 UTC; MONDAY, 30 APRIL 2012: If the lead-off image (as above) is any cluedo, reader, for what to expect this time around, boys and girls, it's to offer you some sort of explanation behind some of the more interesting specimens of peculiar found throughout this New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull on Teh Innwewebz as you may find interesting. Allow me to proceed:
  • My dating and timing posts as per UTC/GMT time, the recognised international time standard by treaty and convention, is to remind people that this is the World Wide Web, not the AmeriKKKa-Only Web as certain misguided and self-serving types expect Your Correspondent to embrace in respect of his blogging activity and mindsets. "It's a small world, after all," as the quasi-National Hymn of the Disney Parks the world over--Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo, Marne-la-Vallee and Hong Kong--reminds us, so why should we remain hard-wired to nativist and jingoist mindsets and mentalities out of "patriot love"?
    (In a way, this could also explain my fondness for using the 24-hour clock, as used by the military, Canadian railways and international airlines, among others, for giving posting times.)
  • My fondness for using Afrikaans expressions (Afrikaans being a close relative of Dutch, spoken mostly in South Africa) via Google Translate is largely in the interest of mocking and deriding certain conservative elements whose articles of faith seem to be rooted in the salad days of South Africa's apartheid regime. Especially so that of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" in explaining the "Tea Party" defence of "economic freedom with AmeriKKKan characteristics 'born out of the Volk, to serve the Volk'"; "economic freedom" being the current recommended euphemism from Frank "Focus-Group-Tested" Luntz for capitalism ("to make the concept more acceptable to the masses" being the rationale therefor, per Meneer Luntz), "with AmeriKKKan characteristics" being patterned on "socialism with Chinese characteristics" (as in China's market economy within Socialist ideological and political constraints, with sarcasm and irony intended); and that "born out of the Volk," &c., bit being the slogan of Sanlam, a South African life insurance company as has long-standing ties with the Afrikaner cause.
  • "People-centred", as sometimes prefixes that ekonomesie vryheid, &c., bit, admittedly comes by way of North Korean propaganda (as in their desire to create a "people-centred socialism" whose foundation is that "Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything)--in particular, the "Tea Party" desire (which they hesitate to acknowledge openly) of turning to Ethno-National Solidarity and Cohesion in a stylee not unlike that of Afrikaner nationalists' economic agendae in the wake of Die Tweede Trek in 1938 to save what we're expected to see as a "morally superior" socioeconomic paradigm solely through its own will and resources based on a spontaneous and all-encompassing appeal to Reddingsdaad (Afrikaans; "rescue act") financed solely through "voluntary subscriptions."
  • I acknowledge the influence of the Hanna-Barbera animated character Snagglepuss vis-a-vis expressions I use in his vein on occasion such as "But is it kosher--halal, even?" ("Kosher" and "halal" are the respective Jewish and Muslim terms for "acceptable," especially when applied to food, standards of dress and conduct, that sort of thing. Their respective opposites are "treif" and "haram," in case you didn't know, basically meaning "unfit, forbidden.")
  • That "Shrine of Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace, Mediatrix Between God and Man" actually does exist, near Necedah, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the Catholic Diocese of LaCrosse continues to disapprove of the shrine and the apparitions of Our Lady supposedly occuring there on August 15, 1950, as well as the messages therefrom; concerns raised include their unhealthy emphasis on the apocalyptic, their insincerity and their conflict with established Roman Catholic teachings, in particular on Papal Infallability.
  • My allusions to that supposed "card key club" in Branson (that Muzikschau center beloved deeply and dearly of cultural-conservative Zealots and True Believers as the One True Answer and Corrective to the Moral Sewers of Hollywood and New York) known as Die Groß Säugling (German; "The Gross Suckling") were, I admit, inspired by a certain episode in Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon (1973) set in a rather tacky-looking German Gasthaus in the immediate aftermath of V-E Day whose menu offered dishes with sick-making names galore. The very name itself came from the aforementioned novel, considered something of a cult classic in modern American literature.
  • My fondness for the old Engrish (as in the hilarious translations from Asian languages into English, sometimes literally and without due regard for risking offence or harm in the process of translation) will sometimes explain my deploying blog post titles in Engrish, thanks in large part to (in case you'd like to try it yourself); such, I acknowledge, is in (howbeit in vainglory) attempt to increase blog traffic out of curiosity's sake.
    Likewise with the fondness for leading off these posts with LOLcats and Engrish specimens; again, with an eye towards heightening reader attention and focus (or trying to, at any rate).
In any case, perhaps it was time to remind you one and all that the content of external links I may incorporate into blog posts from time to time are outside of my direct control; further, such are provided in the interest of enhancing editorial clarity and meaning. As for why such open in new browser windows, it's to make it easier for you to return to the original post when you're finished reading without needlessly clicking the "back" button in your browser repeatedly. (Which is much, much different than "pop-up" or "pop-under" advertising, which is highly disapproved of in certain online circles, and should not be confused with merely opening new browser windows or tabs.)

As one who's been actively blogging for something over a decade now in various forms and fashions, Your Correspondent, in his Luscious Glory of developing a unique, peculiar stylee of blogging, has picked up a few things on his own to make the blogging experience somewhat unique and at once worthwhile. And, hopefully, worth your sharing. (One constant in all these blogging misadventures has been the inclusion of an online shopping component, the better to try and supplement the disability benefits Your Correspondent collects by virtue of his being unable to hold down more conventional lines of work due to past episodes of psychoemotional abuse and cruelty inflicted upon moi under the banner of "therapy." Not to mention his being highly unlikely to come into significant money within measurable and forseeable distance, which he could certainly welcome through the PayPal "donate" buttons on the blog pages; unfortunately, such donations do not qualify for tax relief.)

Has this answered your questions, readers? If not, feel free to get back to me (link follows) and I'll do my best to assist.

REMEMBER THIS, READER: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated. And should you ever need to contact me with questions, comments, whatever, please do so through this page; to join our free (howbeit sporadic) e-mail list, just click here. (BTW, we will not sell nor share your e-mail address, and you can always leave at any time.)

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