Want wat kan wees die naaste aan die mees waarskynlike opsie om die Republikeine
het hul mou, kliek op die voorafgaande.

00h30 UTC; SUNDAY, 5 JANUARY 2014: Your Correspondent writes this in the face of an extended period of Wind Chill Advisory or Warning here in the Minnwissippi region; in fact, a Wind Chill Advisory is now up until 18h local time tomorrow evening, whence a Wind Chill Warning goes into force until noon Tuesday. This owing to the clear and present danger to life, health, safety--and maybe morals, decency and common sense--from wind-chill readings as could fall at times in the trend of between -35 and -60 Fahrenheit (as if air temperatures as low as -15 expected tomorrow night weren't expected to be bad enough).

In any event, Minnesota Governor Dayton has ordered public schools across The Gopher State closed Monday for the safety of students as otherwise have to wait for school buses in country areas early in the morning--this the first such gubenetorial declaration since the great cold wave of January 1997. As well, non-essential public servants are being asked to stay home Monday and telecommute if at all possible, what with cars not exactly able to start easily in temperatures well below zero Fahrenheit unless you have an engine heater at the ready. Or treat the gasoline with decent fuel additives as prevent fuel-line freezeups.

Meanwhile, something for the Aunt Sally-discovering outlet to prepare for:
Sean Hannity at Fox Prolefeed announcing where they plan to present their agenda to Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Nation from Herself through January on its programming. Let's just hope for plenty of Rapid Response Prolefeed Counterattack, especially when it turns out that such is probably no closer to a rehashing of the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging as promoted by Afrikaner nationalists in the decade prior to apartheid's 1948 onset down South Africa way, one of whose articles of faith most dear and lovely held that capitalism needed to save an otherwise-under-threat-of-dispossession Volk from socioeconomic enslavement under colonialism through jobs creation and training, as well as constant deployment of the masses' "idle monies" through leverage unto "productive capital" as would serve the Luscious Glory of a new and yet "people-centred" Christelike Ekonomesie Vryheid towards such noble ends, rather than its traditional emphasis on creating wealth for the sole benefit of the few at the expense of the Volk.

One vehicle by which such was to be achieved: The Federale Volksbeleggings (FVB; "Federal People's Investments") funds, under management of Sanlam and Volkskas thanks to well-exploited connexions with the Afrikaner Broederbond as were the brains behind the greater Beweging and its aims. Itself expected to be further reinforced through the Reddingsdaadbond (RDB; "Rescue Action League") movement among the masses of "poor whiteism" dominated by Afrikanerdom, the better to promote Afrikaner-centrist socioeconomic and cultural dominion.

All to be presented as a Mission From God Upon His Chosen People Upon the African Continent to Save the Volk From Their Own Ruin and Thrall.

Finally, a subtly hilarious reminder to pet owners across such parts of the United States and Canada as are affected by this weekend's record cold to please move their pets inside and keep them warm under pain of Animal Cruelty charges:

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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