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17h30 UTC; SUNDAY, 26 JANUARY 2014: To certain types of prolefeeder as love to "win over hearts and minds" of especially the weak-minded and easily-manipulate--in particular the ranks of "poor whiteism" seen by said prolefeeders as "REAL AmeriKKKans"--mythos, especially when carefully crafted and nuanced to better appeal to the want of breeding and intellect, can serve to be an effective tool towards that end and the Luscious Glory theoretically expected thereby.

Especially when the mythos is one as has influences in the propaganda of Nazi Germany and, to some extent, apartheid South Africa, implying that these same "poor whites" heretofore dispossessed all the more by Dark and Sinister Forces (usually anti-Semitic code) "have never had it so good" thanks to their respective agendae and articles of faith insisting that the "poor white" can be saved from themselves, not by "enslaving government dependency" but by channelling a latent (and yet mythic) National Unity and Identity of the Volk into acts, deeds and exploits theoretically expected to lead these "poor whites" to the Golden Dawn of a New, Life-Changing, Wealth-Ennobling, Prosperity for All founded on a "people-centred" ideal of ekonomesie vryheid which saw these "dispossessed" peoples as the Masters of Their Destiny (cf. "Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything", the guiding doctrine of North Korean Jucheism).

But, in order to condition these "poor whites" to the proper frame of mind expected by these same prolefeeders towards this Luscious Glory, there needs to be the right sort of tools to be applied in said conditioning exercises grounded, by and large, on the Pavlovian. And, for that matter, the Orwellian (as in the Oceanic police state of Nineteen Eighty Four's developing the disciplines of crimestop, blackwhite and doublethink, essentially glorified mind games in service to the State's Will and Glory, to be applied as needed).

Especially so doublethink, which requires holding--and concurrently accepting as correct--two simultaneous and conflicting perspectives on the same issue, which can be applied subtly and discreetly through perverting the power and intrusion of the conservatives' print, broadcast and electronic media conduits vis-a-vis their Dear and Lovely "REAL AneriKKKan" audiences that make up what William Allen White called the "moronic underworld," which, as the Sage of Emporia reminded us, "can be taught to read and write, but not to think," as well as living "on the level of their emotions and prejudices."

Its preferred avenues of doublethink including code and weasel words, especially such with subtle racist, nativist, jingoist and hatemongering overtones which can be manipulated for the sake of trick and deception. Especially where logical fallacies such as the "straw man," post hoc, "No True Scotsman", false equivalence and ad hominem can be applied as required.

In terms of broadcast conduits, both "free-to-air" and cable/satellite (but also certain to include online streaming media within due time), expect the subliminal to hold high carnival, all the while taking pains to avoid attracting unwelcome attention which could backfire when the intent thereof has unintended consequences which can best be described here as horrible dictu lest modesty and virtue be offended. (And what's more, subliminal techniques in broadcasting are officially considered as Deceptive and Misleading, given their inherent appeal to the subconscious mind. Which the marketers of the board game Husker Du? [Danish; "do you remember?"] learned the hard way some 35 years back, when it emerged that the sales of said game, which involves matching identical pictures, were as immense as they were only because of subliminal manipulation of the TV ads used on both sides of the 49th Parallel.)

And online, trick and deception as tools for "winning over hearts and minds" (especially through uncredited plagarisation of fellow prolefeed conduits presenting themselves as legitimate news sources), especially where overdone sensationalism comes into the equation (in particular such as distorts or twists the real message of the story), resorts to inapproriate use of Holocaust or apartheid analogies (or even perverts science), or panders to the crudest of jingoism as insists that Our Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa is The True and Rightful Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies by Divine Will and Right.

Too, there's always the possibility of Scientologist elements being incorporated into such misadventures among conservative prolefeeders in mental conditioning of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" masses whose (presumed) power and influence, relative to the general population of the Nation, are thereby exaggerated to suggest that such is the mindset and groupthink of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation (as if "nation" was understood in the context of the white-nationalist trope in acronym form known as ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation", something such prolefeeders don't want you or I to know for a fact ... especially where such is expected to be further reinforced with "the Fourteen Words"--as in "We must secure the Existance of our Race, and a future for White Children"--as a Sanctii Sanctorum).

No wonder, then, that such conservative prolefeeders seeing themselves as "Good Christians" all the more must be channelling the same Dark and Sinister Forces their prolefeed claims are seeking to undermine Thy Dear and Lovely Land by Sapping Our Precious Bodily Fluids and worse, whose names must include Xenu, Baal, Moloch, and His Satanic Majesty.

And that they want to stop at nothing to avoid letting slip that One Fatal Mistake as becomes their scandalous unravelling--even if it requires the "liberal online media" to be the conduit thereby unmasking (not unlike the inevitable final scene in Scooby-Doo in its over 40 years' existance of the franchise in which some "monster" is unmasked, replete with the defiant-sounding line "I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!!" or somesuch).

What will happen NEXT?!
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