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00h UTC; SATURDAY, 6 OCTOBER 2012: Given all the conservative prolefeed questioning the credibility of the official United States jobless numbers released today as showed a decline in unemployment from 8.2% to 7.8%--especially contending that such was manipulated for election-related purposes--I, for one, have to wonder if conservatives hold dear as an article of faith the insistence that a nil rate of unemployment can be achieved within the constraints of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe without having to create "make-work/fake-work" positions such as Communist regimes were fond of using to create the propaganda illusion of nil-rate unemployment. Not to mention subscribing to a belief in 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescuing itself") as their ideal for a "people-centred" model of socioeconomic recovery, the origins and modus operandi thereof having been discussed at length in previous essays.

And besides, such claims of "manipulation" were quickly discredited by the Labour Department (especially absent any substantiative evidence such prolefeeders hath in support thereof).


It's probably just me, but the Christian Right's midnset towards women (including that of The Oxycontin Boar) can best be discerned from these passages out of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four:
...Consorting with prostitutes was forbidden, of course, but it was one of those rules that you could occasionally nerve yourself to break. It was dangerous, but it was not a life-and-death matter. To be caught with a prostitute might mean five years in a forced-labour camp: not more, if you had committed no other offence. And it was easy enough, provided that you could avoid being caught in the act. The poorer quarters swarmed with women who were ready to sell themselves. Some could even be purchased for a bottle of gin, which the proles were not supposed to drink. Tacitly the Party was even inclined to encourage prostitution, as an outlet for instincts which could not be altogether suppressed. Mere debauchery did not matter very much, so long as it was furtive and joyless and only involved the women of a submerged and despised class. The unforgivable crime was promiscuity between Party members. But -- though this was one of the crimes that the accused in the great purges invariably confessed to -- it was difficult to imagine any such thing actually happening.

The aim of the Party was not merely to prevent men and women from forming loyalties which it might not be able to control. Its real, undeclared purpose was to remove all pleasure from the sexual act. Not love so much as eroticism was the enemy, inside marriage as well as outside it. All marriages between Party members had to be approved by a committee appointed for the purpose, and -- though the principle was never clearly stated -- permission was always refused if the couple concerned gave the impression of being physically attracted to one another. The only recognized purpose of marriage was to beget children for the service of the Party. Sexual intercourse was to be looked on as a slightly disgusting minor operation, like having an enema. This again was never put into plain words, but in an indirect way it was rubbed into every Party member from childhood onwards. There were even organizations such as the Junior Anti-Sex League, which advocated complete celibacy for both sexes. All children were to be begotten by artificial insemination
(artsem, it was called in Newspeak) and brought up in public institutions. This, Winston was aware, was not meant altogether seriously, but somehow it fitted in with the general ideology of the Party. The Party was trying to kill the sex instinct, or, if it could not be killed, then to distort it and dirty it. He did not know why this was so, but it seemed natural that it should be so. And as far as the women were concerned, the Party's efforts were largely successful.
(In essence, reducing womanhood to the status of State property, to be used as it saw fit. Remember the Nazis' use of
Lebensborn to achieve the perfection of the Aryan Master Race and sustain it from everlasting to everlasting?)


As if evidence of RepubliKKKan Party-sponsored "vote integrity" (read: suppression) campaigns starting to take fruit wasn't enough to call for arousing public unease and disgust, especially considering the illegal and dangerous nature thereof, perhaps it was time to call out The Oxycontin Boar for his seemingly calling for overt insurrection and Extreme Ultraviolence on air of late, especially against real or suspected liberals, Muslims, women, Jews and other National Minorities. And to Show No Mercy in the process, excusing all as Serving God and Country.

Meanwhile, there's a petition drive now abroad to call upon the Federal Commissions Commission for to revoke the licences of Fox Broadcasting and its O&O stations over issues of Character and Morals involving a certain Keith Rupert Murdoch at its helm; after all, FCC regulations and the Communications Act 1934 mandate that broadcast licence holders show their being of "good moral character." So what sort of patsies will The Dirty Digger resort to should the FCC elect to take action?


If anyone needed clear and compelling evidence of the ideological disconnexion GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney hath from Reality, consider this graphic found on Facebook (click on same for a larger version):

Something for the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" element vis-a-vis Jobs Creation and Socioeconomic Recovery "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk", as it were, to think about: The prospect of the Chinese being not so much pirates and infringers as opposed to actually improving on brand-name products to the extent of making them affordable, even if it means risking charges of patent and trademark infringement. Consider this example:
Everyone knows piracy can deter innovation, since it prevents companies from profiting off their copyrighted products and thus diminishes the incentive to create. But it can cut the other way, too: Pirates come up with new variations on existing products, nudging the slower-moving companies to adapt and, in many cases, improving on the original products. For example, some knock-off iPhones reportedly come with features that the originals lack, like two SIM card slots instead of one (so users can place calls using two different mobile accounts) and removable batteries (the iPhone’s battery is hard to replace). Pirates copy products with impressive speed, in some cases rolling out fakes before the originals, such as LG’s Chocolate phone, even hit stores. In other cases, the innovation is simply the price. I asked a vendor at Beijing’s Dinghao electronics market to describe the special characteristics of her down-market tablet, as compared with the iPad. “It’s cheaper,” she said. Fair enough.
But then again, even we "morally-superior" AmeriKKKans have been known to resort to patent infringement in past for the sake of innovation:
In his book The Pirate’s Dilemma, Matt Mason argues that piracy is a fine American tradition, inspiring developments from Thomas Edison’s phonograph to Hollywood films. “During the nineteenth-century Industrial Revolution, the Founding Fathers pursued a policy of counterfeiting European inventions, ignoring global patents, and stealing intellectual property wholesale,” Mason writes, noting that the term Yankee is derived from the Dutch word for pirate. It was only once U.S. technology surged past the rest of the world that America started demanding international copyright compliance—a piece of history Chinese leaders have no doubt studied.
And China, for its part, seems to enjoy returning the compliment on Teh Innerwebz:
Even above-board Chinese companies like Tencent, Baidu, Sina, and Alibaba began as rip-offs of Western counterparts like Google and Amazon. They then evolved and in some cases surpassed the originals. For example, Baidu’s MP3 search beats looking for music on Google. Tencent’s QQ and WeChat chat services top U.S. counterparts like AIM and GChat. Sina’s microblog service, unlike Twitter, lets users post photos and video to their timelines, with comments threaded below. Alibaba’s scale and selection makes Amazon look like a mom-and-pop store. In these cases of copy-and-evolve, the evolution eventually eclipses the theft.
"And AmeriKKKa should be more like China"--yeah, right!

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