00h UTC; MONDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2012: First off, I would like to ask if you readers think my using this Plan 9 From Outer Space-inspired trope, reinforced with various anagrams of "Kolob" (the planet Mormons supposedly believe to be the residence of God), is probably getting to be a little too much for you to stomach, even if it's rather new to begin with and started just on pure whim from Your Correspondent's dyslexically-inspired mind.

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As for Other Worthwhile Business:
  • Before any of you conservative prolefeeders start blaming President Obama's super-secret policies for recent shock gas price increases in California by as much as $1/gallon (the acme of which is the $6.62/gal. [$1.75/litre] for regular unleaded at a Long Beach station) in the past week, consider the obvious: Damage to a Chevron refinery in Richmond, near San Francisco and San Jose, from a recent explosion, plus recent electrical issues at a refinery in Wilmington, outside Los Angeles, as have affected refining capacity, not to mention state mandates for special gasoline blends as reduce air pollution. (In any event, the problems should be rectified within the week upcoming.)
    Meanwhile, here in the supposedly "morally-superior" Midwest, gasoline prices have started falling in the last few days (in Winona, the price has declined by 6 cents/gallon over the last three days, never mind that gas stations have what seems to be a "gentleman's agreement" to fix gas prices across the board "to prevent harmful price competition"), mostly because of refineries switching over gasoline production to special winter blends as are easier to refine.
  • If it looks like GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney's post-debate spike in poll numbers may have made Indecision 2012 look tighter all the more, consider what pollsters call the "margin of error" (usually 2-4 percentage points either way, depending on the organisation behind the poll), which is all the more crucial because of differences in survey size and demographics; tone and phrasing of questions; polling methodology; and timing of the poll (which can be skewed by breaking headlines or lapses linguae as were ill-timed or otherwise inapproriate). Which, in any case, is quite the improvement on the single worst Presidential poll ever, as in The Literary Digest 1936 Presidential Straw Poll, ill-thought-out and rooted in its own complacent hurbis (as in having correctly predicted the winner of every Presidential election since the first such in 1912).
  • How much longer before "Tea Party" types start using mental-health laws to get around restrictions on SLAPP lawsuits (and the cost burdens posed upon those responsible) to intimidate unto silence real or suspected critics of their agenda and related articles of faith? (At least until the courts throw out same as "frivolous, vexatious or otherwise tortious," come to think of it.)
Finally, to the Canadian readers of this blog, Your Correspondent extends his best wishes to all of you on the occasion of your Thanksgiving Day.

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