00h UTC; THURSDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2012: If there is anything to say for the leading image today, readers, it would have to be this: For one, Your Correspondent has refused out of principle and conscience to shop Walmart on a recurring basis, mostly out of concerns about its taking advantage of the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" in his Luscious Glory of the grossest poverty, fecundity and ignorance.

And for another, he empathises with the lowly Walmart employees as are Doing The Right Thing to call out Walmart for their abusive maltreatment of workers in the name of keeping prices all the lower, reinforced by their support (through the Walton Family Foundation) of ultra-conservative causes, sects and movements as want to maintain this unhealthy and dangerous status quo as That Which Will Reclaim the Greatness of Our Dear Lovely Nation.

As David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, put it, "there is no deception worse than self-deception." And Walmart's mantra of "Save money. Live better" belies the deceptive and the unwholesome that the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" is not expected to know about in that Luscious Glory of the Right's paranoia equating Knowledge with Certain Loathsome Diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, TB, social diseases, &c.


Meanwhile, with a new survey suggesting that Evangelical, Primitive, Bible-Believing even, Christians (or such who see themselves thus), in their Luscious Glory of umbarge about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a/k/a The Mormons) as some class of an Evil Cult, may have reservations about voting for Mitt Romney (himself a Mormon) as President in Indecision 2012, you have to wonder if we may be seeing the more hard-wired Elmer Gantryites caught between Scylla and Charbydis, united in their unease about the prospect of President Obama's reelection being but the first step in the usurption of Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, having to choose between:
  • boycotting this year's elections outright; and
  • casting their lot with the Constitution Party's Presidential candidate, Virgil Goode, Jnr., in the belief that a third party whose agenda best reflects Traditional Biblical Values (cf. apartheid South Africa in its Luscious Glory, even to the extent of refusing to allow television broadcasts until 1976) may be the Lesser of Two Evils for Our Dear Lovely Nation.
But what they fail to realise is that, by choosing either option, the Elmer Gantryite, all the while insisting on seeing themselves as the "REAL AmeriKKKan" ideal Fox News cherishes as its ideal, may unwittingly be handing reelection to President Obama when all is said and done.


Has anybody considered where that infamous brawl between rival wedding parties at a Philadelphis hotel last weekend (you may have seen the surveillance camera footage thereof on the news) may have been provoked not so much by Al Cohol as by Indecision 2012-related Realpolitik over whether Obama or Romney would win the Presidential elections?


Watch out for the possibility of RepubliKKKan Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan following the lead of his Presidential mentor, Mitt Romney, in deploying the "gish gallop" prolefeed tactic against his Democratic equal, Joe Biden, in the American Vice-Presidential debate this evening.

And see if you can decipher the ensuing Mickey Mouse.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will need to be all the more vigilant in the wake of what his former aide and drookie, by name Rebecca Kleinfisch, revealeth about illicit campaign tactics and methodology during his successful gubenetorial race in 2010 thanks to a plea bargain vis-a-vis the John Doe Enquiry ongoing, whereby Ms. Kleinfisch will plead guilty in exchange for her turning State's evidence against the Governor.

Evidence that could be his own unravelling, especially the sort which translates into his going psychopathic to the point of invoking "sovereign citizen" or suchlike patsies to avoid the clear and present prospect of impeachment by the Wisconsin Legislature, leaving him no option but to step aside (especially if his response to the revelations are such as start raising questions of the Governor's mental state vis-a-vis fitness to capably discharge his powers and duties, which could also be grounds for Legislative removal--subject, of course, to psychiatric evaluation).


Something the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" crowd will want to consider:
  1. Those offers in their "spam" e-mail for all manner of "designer replicas" (nuance, nuance, nuance!) at dirt-cheap prices should raise alarm bells galore, especially when it comes to Trademark Infringement of well-known designer fashion labels; common giveaways include willful and deliberate misspellings of the name, subtle perversions of the logotype, dodgy materials and sewing and unbelievably low prices. And more often than not, China will be a major conduit therefor, although you find Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia to be major sources of designer fakes, usually in sweatshops of the worst repute.
    (Several well-known designer labels and brand names should have sections on their websites explaining how to spot the dodgy knockoffs against The Real McCoy. As well, in case you hear about any such "designer replica" offers, freecall the Customs and Border Protection Division of the Department of Homeland Security on 1-800-BE-ALERT; your tips may translate into cash rewards.)
  2. In case your car had the airbags replaced following an accident at an aftermarket bodyshop over recent months, you may want to take it in to your local dealers' service department posthaste; it's emerged that at least 10,000 automobiles in the United States as had airbags replaced over recent months (or thought they did) may have had counterfeit such installed, same unlikely to protect you in an accident and, instead, possibly spraying shrapnel (as if it were someone's idea of a sick joke to play upon the easily-led Americans). One Chinese importer of phony airbags based in Nashville recently pleaded guilty to Falsifying Trademarks and Importing Counterfeit Goods, and faces penal servitude in the process.

Seeing those commericals for La Quinta Inns and Suites depicting supposed examples of what the Japanese call "salaryman" types actually pulling off the deal thanks to staying the night thus should be enough to make you wonder whether the same could be said of any other motel, chain or independent. Which, in any case, may raise questions of Misleadingness.


Finally, Winona saw the end of a 118-year-long tradition of bottling Coca-Cola in 6.5-oz. returnable glass bottles as began in Vicksburg, MS in 1894 (howbeit with a much different bottle design; its traditional such was first introduced in 1911 and was modified several times over the years) on Tuesday morning, when the last lot of some 6,000 such bottles went through the washer and fill line for the last time.

The very last bottle thereof was sold at auction shortly thereafter for $2,000 to the president of Viking Coca-Cola in St. Cloud, with the proceeds going towards renovation of the bike path around Lake Winona.

Which is where the proceeds from this very last bottling in returnable glass bottles will also go, at $20/bottle, from Monday the 15th; details on the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Winona's website for all you fans of The Real Thing wanting a piece of Coca-Cola history.

No doubt Dr. John Stith Pemberton, who first concocted Coca-Cola at his Atlanta drugstore in 1886, would be a little sad at the news ... as would Asa Griggs Chandler, who acquired the company and its "Merchandise 7X" formula in 1891 and made it a global institution, in time expanding its reach from soda fountains to grocers, gas stations, corner stores, and eventually vending machines. (BTW, "Merchandise 7X" is still a closely-guarded secret, its formula kept in a vault at the main Atlanta office of SunTrust Bank, as successrs to The Trust Company of Georgia ... and is alluded to in a new exhibit at The World of Coca-Cola in Beautiful Downtown Atlanta.)

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