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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 12 OCTOBER 2012: It seems as if Brooklyn has suddenly become the hot name for to use on all manner of consumer brand products for some reason or another. Witness, as example of one such as is being heavily advertised on the vidiot's lamp of Diogenes, The Olde Brooklyn Lantern, designed to look like those farmer's kerosene lanterns, but with nine LED lamps on battery power (and advertised to last 100,000 hours).

Which, for all I know, probably has no connexion with Brooklyn proper save for the name and the Brooklyn Bridge motif in the logotype, the latter calling to mind Brooklyn Gustolingo, La Gomma del Ponte, Italy's own brand of chewing gum (and sold there exclusively, it turns out); made, know, by the same firm as makes Airheads and Mentos, by name of Perfetti van Melle, in the Milan suburb of Lainate since the mid-1950's. Which, it turns out, has become something of a legend in modern Italian youth culture with catchy slogans such as "People Love Brooklyn," "Go Brooklyn," "Brooklyn is Magic" and "Brooklyn Freshness to Kiss." (Brooklyn having been chosen, incidentally, becaused it sounded so typically American. Same for choosing the Brooklyn Bridge as its logotype/trademark.)


See if you can spot the fatal flaw in the following variation on "419" scam e-mails of late:

Videlicet, the claims that payment would be released via Western Union or MoneyGram wire transfers in tranches of $5,000/day until the payment is made in full. Which, it turns out, is an illegal tactic known as "structuring," designed to avoid Treasury requirements to report cash transactions of $10,000 or foreign-currency equivalent and more as are themselves designed to control laundering of the Immoral Proceeds of Crime or Terrorism. And to make things even worse, the party/ies supposedly wiring the payments will also use the "question-and-reply" device more as a delaying tactic to prevent timely release of expected funds (if those), when in fact such should only be used in direst emergencies (especially if the intended receipent lacks proper identification at the Western Union or MoneyGram counter; what's more, some jurisdictions prohibit the use of "question-and-reply" because of its potential for abuse and perversion--if in doubt, check locally and in any case, if you're expecting wired funds, protect yourself by carrying apropos identification, preferably the photo-bearing such like a driver's licence/ID card, passport or military ID card, and show it at the counter when you receive funds.)


As for such pushing the trope that proceeds of "419"-type scams would be payable through "ATM SWIFT Card" or a debit card with VISA or MasterCard logptypes (supposedly to avoid delays from cheque processing through the international clearinghouse system), "which will allow you to withdraw your funds in any ATM anywhere in the world," up to a set daily maximum, Your Correspondent has to wonder if such "SWIFT Cards," if indeed they exist, are limited in functionality to ATM withdrawals (which can have limits per machine of as much as $200/day) or whether such could be used in EFTPOS/debit card mode along with ATM such, subject to the withdrawal limits and any fees which ATM owners may impose for withdrawals.


How do we know the GOP/"Tea Party" agenda of socioeconomic empowerment of especially "Non-Producer" "group areas" through a "people-centred" model aren't really such which seek to use "class consciousness" (as in psychological conditioning of the Pavlov's Dogs model which could quickly cross into the psychopathic, based on the Orwellian disciplines of Crimestop, Blackwhite and Doublethink) "to preempt tendencies towards Class War" (as if insisting that the "Non-Producers" "need to develop the proper healthy mindset" before Words are translated Action)?

(The which should also call to mind what the Reddingsdaadbond [RDB; "Rescue Action League"] down South Africa way sought to promote among the Afrikaner Volk vis-a-vis their Ethno-National Identity and Honour by seeking to conflate socioeconomic empowerment with national and cultural identity, as manifested in numerous exercises in Afrikaner Kultuur from time to time.)


Tell me this isn't kosher, halal even (with full Appy Polly Loggies to the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Snagglepuss here): Videlicet, Darden Restaurants (as in Red Lobster and Olive Garden) asking their servers in several cities to accept 28-hour work weeks to avoid incurring corporate fiscal liability for affordable employee health cover per the Affordable Care Act's provisions (even with their offering employees $5,000 cash to buy their own health cover through an online interexchange).

Mein Innkeeper Friend hath it that Winona's Pet and Pride, as in Fastenal, requires its rank-and-file employees to essentially work on a part-time basis bordering on Independent Contracts; presumably to avoid onus at corporate level to purchase employee health cover by "advising" them to participate in a group Medical Savings Plan?


And for those among you lamenting the loss of Head-On as a topical form of headache relief (especially since its being pulled from the market over questions of efficacy of its active component, Bryonia alba, for headache relief), you might want to consider these as suitable replacements (so long as they're applied with a cotton ball for best results--and, considering the flammable nature thereof, used with exceptionally due care and skill):

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Meanwhile, back at the Muscular Arms Aparthotel's coffeeshop--

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