00h UTC; SUNDAY, 14 OCTOBER 2012: If there was one thing as punctuated the day yesterday for Your Correspondent, it was a surprise power outage this morning as afflicted "the projects" where I reside, beginning just after 7 this morning (local time) and with power restored just after 10:15; a blown (and outdated, at that) pole fuse was to blame therefor, requiring replacement of both pole fuse and fuse supporter. Luckily, power is back up as I produce this blog post.

As for what to discuss this go-round--
  • It looks as if Bentonville may be getting rather nervous about the ongoing industrial action against Walmart by store associates and supply-chain staff over working conditions and wages as are forcing them to go on relief just to make ends meet. And it makes you wonder whether Walmart executives may be about to turn to illicit "citizen militias" with anti-government associations to act as outright agents provocateur which could rival past sadism by company goons against union sympathisers, in particular Blair Mountain and Herrin, unaware of the so-called "militias" having weird and unwholesome associations dominated mostly by the worst specimens of "poor whiteism" dependent upon Walmart (ironic as it must seem).
  • In its Luscious Glory of their presumed defence of the (howbeit tenuous) interconnexion between ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity supposedly entitled under Natural Law, the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God, the "Tea Party" and its prolefeed drookies can expect to get rather paranoid over coming days about pending Justice Department action in Our Dear Lovely and Morally-Superior AmeriKKKa against the online portal Google perverting its Natural Dominance in online search-engine marketing and advertising to the point of unnaturally high prices being charged for online advertising. But then again, aren't there free online advertising options worth considering such as banner swaps?
  • A Potentially Unholy and Unwholesome Alliance Worth Looking Into: Videlicet, the likelihood that certain ultra-conservative groups may be investing in and/or subsidising certain of Branson's more jingoistically prolefeeding "music shows" in her Luscious Glory of being the Acme and Ideal of Our Dear Lovely and Morally-Superior White Culture (all the while expecting to be regarded as "silent partners," as it were, with no details expected to be mentioned in publicly-available materials for said shows).
  • A reminder by example to "go look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls" beforehand--as in MSNBC's Chris "Hardball" Matthews calling out a "Tea Party" protester who parroted their stock canard about President Obama being a "Communist," then acknowledging to a TV interviewer she doesn't exactly know what Communism is or Communism's core beliefs (one of which insists on the workers resorting to force or violence to seize the means of production).
  • Talk about irony (for which Ripley will want to note): The Nobel Prize Committee of Norway's Storting (as they call their Parliament), as selects the winner of the annual Nobel Peace Prize, awarded this year's such to the European Union (EU) for its groundbreaking commitment to unifying in peace a Europe as was heretofore perennially at war (or so it seemed) through economic development and cooperation. Only it just so happens that Norway is not an EU member state; voters there twice rejected overtures to that end in national plebiscites.
Meanwhile, an online radio station as is worthy of your attention cf. the pablum passing as radio presently....

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