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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 17 OCTOBER 2012: Plenty of interesting stuff to go through this go-round, readers, so let's get on with it:
  • With the clients' list of that Zumba studio-cum-House of Ill Repute out Kennebunkport way having been made public in court proceedings, it'll be interesting to see whether same includes some of Old Dirigo's more prominent Elmer Gantryite types, "Tea Party" leaders and suchlike among the weird and unwholesome generally.
  • So much for that "dramatic turnaround," that "tremendous takeoff" Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker categorically pledged vis-a-vis jobs creation (especially so in the private sector) if he managed to survive the recall attempt against him back in June (which he did): About the only jobs likely being created in America's Dairyland are from carpetbaggers of the "work online," "multi-level marketing" and "mystery shopper" types operating from interstate, and fond of targeting especially the vulnerable as cannot otherwise find employment due to external circumstances (and blaming their having "failed in humility, in self-discipline" as per conservative articles of faith won't quite cut the mustard).
  • Staying with Governor Walker for a moment, how do we know it wasn't really accounting tricks and/or graft of the Boss Hague school (especially the "Rice Puddin' Time" campaigns reeking of North Korean "loyalty drills") as made possible that $180 million-plus fiscal surplus announced the other day, with $109 million deposited into the state's Reserve (a/k/a "rainy-day") Fund in the bargain?
  • Certain Elmer Gantryite-tending religious are insisting that "Good Christians" (expected also to see themselves as "REAL AmeriKKKans" after the Fox News fashion) cannot vote for President Obama and see themselves in that regard because of the Democratic Party agenda somehow being "incompatible with Traditional Christian Values and Beliefs." Aren't they the same ones who have qualms about the Latter-Day Saints (a/k/a the Mormons) and the fact of the RepubliKKKan Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, being a practicing Mormon?
  • Talk about taking things too literally: A Russian ultra-nationalist group as pushed through a bylaw in St. Petersburg against "homosexual propaganda" (lest such be "recruiting children" into "sexually-deviant behaviours") has called out under said bylaw a dairy using a rainbow as part of its trademark, claiming that the rainbow mirrors the Gay Pride Flag, itself a display of "overt homosexuality."
  • In pushing for self-regulation based on industry Codes of Best Practice with an eye to "protecting free enterprise" and "preserving economic freedom," aren't Fox News and Fox Business really seeking such codes as condone cartel behaviour, with its harm to business and consumers alike (cf. the worst excesses of IG Farben, The Mother of All Cartels, back in Nazi Germany especially) ... and without the common courtesy of "checks and balances" to ensure the confidence and trust of manufacturers, retailers and end consumers throughout?
  • As for The Donald's claim that a "more realistic" figure of AmeriKKKan Unemployment is more like 21% (as per Fox News the other night), what sort of formulae was he using to arrive at that number? And how do we know he isn't really of the 'n Volk red homself model of socioeconomic recovery expected to be "people-centred," one "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk"?
  • Proof that God's Protective Hand Upon Our Dear Lovely Nation and the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace (as subscribed to "deeply and dearly" by conservative prolefeeders of the most zealous sort) are really one and the same: The fact of advertisers increasingly avoiding buys on conservative talkback radio all the more, especially since Rush Limbaugh's attacks on Sandra Fluke started the backlash against the genre and ensuing advertiser boycott calls; in its turn, such likely to force many of the weaker talkback hosts off the air as advertising revenue dries up, and the survivors becoming all the more strident in their detachment from Reality--and an elderly (delcining, even) listener base for the most part, mostly in country areas.
Meanwhile, Your Correspondent does plan to listen to the Presidential Debate this evening (American time)....

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