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00h UTC; THURSDAY, 18 OCTOBER 2012: First off, readers, is my whole allusion to Plan 9 From Outer Space vis-a-vis the titling of these posts of late getting a little too much for you to stomach without having to seek recourse in the old bicarbonate (a/k/a saleratus)? I'd appreciate your comments in this respect, be they at the end of these blog posts or through the e-mail feedback form at the bottom of this page.

In any event, there's plenty to talk about here, so without further undue or unreasonable delay--
  • Since when exactly, and how, did it become one with Communism to challenge stateside jobs as were being transferred to China (cf. apartheid South Africa's Suppression of Communism Act 1950, as insisted that anyone which opposed apartheid's complacency was probably an unwitting Communist as needed to be "put in their place" through the likes of Banning Orders, police surveillance and worse)?
  • Meanwhile, a new scandal about the kind of investments Mitt Romney (and, in this instance, with son Trigg) is associating himself with as needs especially close watch-and-ward among the Real Americans as Indecision 2012 approaches--which can show just how desperate Mitt wants to manipulate the elections By Any Means Necessary, and excuse it as being For God and Country.
  • Meanwhile, how do we know "Tea Party" and suchlike elements aren't using as fundraising fronts the likes of High-Yield Investment Plans (HYIP's) as advertise abnormally and unrealistically high returns in the face of bank savings account rates currently between 0.1% and 0.9%/annum, with the "Tea Party" element expected to receive "consulting fees" over and above the share expected therefrom pledged for "charitable works" as is at the heart of HYIP's?
  • Tell me what we're seeing here isn't really dogwhistle projection to conceal the prospect of Extreme Ultraviolence among White Supremacist types (among them the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, National Alliance, AmeriKKKan Third Position [A3P], Stormfront.org, even illicit "militias") should President Obama win reelection (which, in any case, ought be a reminder for us Real Americans, unlike the Fox News simulation, to remain vigilant for signs of voter suppression and intimidation, especially such translating into sadistic mayhem under the guise of "protecting electoral integrity", and reporting them on freecall 1-866-OUR-VOTE on the day).
  • Methinks GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney's claim on his procuring "binders full of women" to full high-level Cabinet and other positions when he was Massachusetts Governor may have been poorly phrased, or even suggesting that the real "binders" were probably little more than ring-bound notebooks replete with sexually-suggestive jokes, innuendoes, double-entendre and cartoons on the border between Page Three and outright 4X hardcore. Or--as could be more likely--it's nothing but Mickey Mouse, pure and simple.
  • Tell me these aren't the kind of jobs Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker really wants to see promoted heavily, especially in "culturally-deprived group areas" seen to be "lacking healthy respect for the work ethos:" Videlicet, "mystery shopper" and "reshipper" schemes with international criminal connexions and associations, the former involving cashing worthless cheques and wiring back most of the proceeds under the guise of a "consumer satisfaction survey" and the latter involving "fencing" of stolen goods purchased fraudulently. And those involved essentially expected to keep quiet and deny especially the involvement of those in positions of power, confidence and trust in Madison.
  • And here's a fresh reminder that "those who do not recall the past are condemned to repeat it," in George Santayana's immortal words ... and how such serves as a warning to Our Dear Lovely Nation, never mind what conservative prolefeed conduits, led by Fox News and conservative talkback radio, want us believing (and usually lacking credible evidence beyond that supplied by Al Cohol, Mary Jane Warner, Auntie Em and Old Lady Snow, itself not very credible ... until the host[s] let slip a lapsus linguae in the worst sort of neighbourhood dive nobody's expected to know about thanks to the Unwritten Code of REAL AmeriKKKans expecting outright rejection of the evidence of eyes and ears, especially if the police or media start asking questions).
Meanwhile, back at the Acme Surf Shop and Surfboard Manufactory....

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