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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 19 OCTOBER 2012: By now, you may have heard about where Parties As Yet Unknown are set to unleash unto Teh Innerwebz at 21h15 UTC Monday evening The Mother of All October Surprises as could "change the course of the [American Presidential] election irrevocably" ... and even then, plenty of wild speculation going around as to who may be targeted thereby.

As for Mitt Romney, the lead-off photo this time around does relate in some way or another to that "binders full of women" remark of his in Tuesday evening's Town Hall Presidential Debate vis-a-vis his employment of women during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts; click it on and see for yourself what it links to.

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Two (howbeit unlikely) music videos Your Correspondent would love to see:
  • Clips from commercials, publicity stills, even print advertising for Comet cleanser as featured Josephine the Lady Plumber from the late 1950's into the mid-1960's scored to Johnny Ray's "Yes Tonight Josephine," vintage 1954 or thereabouts.
  • Historical images galore--old advertisements, publicity photos, QSL cards, &c.--depicting the history of Miami radio station WIOD ("Wonderful Isle Of Dreams"), scored to "Beautiful Island of Dreams" by The Springfields, vintage 1963.
Your comments....

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Talk about that conservative prolefeed trope about "unnecessary and detrimental regulatory burden***threatening realistic jobs creation," especially from the Romney Presidential campaign: Mein Innkeeper Friend recalls where, some 25-30 years ago, he was charging motel guests 15 cents for outgoing local telephone calls from their rooms--only to have Minnesota tax collectors insist that:
  1. sales tax be collected on said phone calls; and
  2. guests making said calls be provided with proper receipts explaining the cost of the call, as well as the tax assessed.
As it turns out, the sales tax on a 15-cent phone call turns out to be rather negligable to collect from guests, let alone keep records on to the point of issuing receipts in proper form ... prompting Mein Innkeeper Friend to stop charging for local phone calls for motel guests in the first place, as continues to this day. (As for long distance or international calls, he recommends that guests purchase prepaid phone cards for that purpose.)

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No wonder Branson seems better suited to advancing conservative prolefeed talking points in Volkskultur form than Hollywood: Box-office receipts from the opening weekends of two recent film releases pushing conservative articles of faith, Won't Back Down and Atlas Shrugged Part II, showed rather substantial losses aggravated by bad reviews as took issue with their subtle prolefeed content and equally bad acting.

Which brings to mind that scene in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado in which Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner for the town of Titipu, comes up with a highly-fantastic story ("The criminal cried as I dropped him down/In a state of wild alarm," &c.) about an "execution" to satisfy the Mikado against the threat of Titipu's status being reduced to village such for want of any executions being carried out within the previous year.

Unusually bad weather this year as afflicted the major wine regions of France without exception have cut the potential vintage by as much as 20%, with the Champagne region especially hard hit (and translating into potentially higher prices for the real McCoy to ring in 2013--but then again, you also have spumanti and sekt to fill the void).

Meaning that North American wineries could be having a banner year as California wines start getting more international respect and new cold-climate wine-producing regions like Ontario, Minnesota and Wisconsin start coming into their own.

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As if conservatives' claiming that recent declines in official Federal jobless numbers were somehow "manipulated for political ends," or so the prolefeed hath it, perhaps it was time Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, in his Luscious Glory of insisting that his "Tea Party"-influenced policies will stimulate private-sector jobs creation galore, had a taste of that very medicine for once--as in challenging his state's claims of major unemployment reduction of late.

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Google, it seems, must be having some rather difficult days of late:
  • Talk at the Justice Department hath it that Google could be facing antitrust charges within measurable distance vis-a-vis perversion of its natural role of online advertising and SEO dominance to a level where online advertising rates are artificially and needlessly high.
  • The European Union and several of its member states are considering action against Google for not just monopolies issues, but also for disregarding local online privacy standards and failing to disclose up front how tracking cookies on their several websites are used vis-a-vis visitor traffic--or, for that matter, warning visitors that cookies are in use, and that they can opt out.
  • Considerable losses in their online advertising revenue over the summer months (as were released unusually early for some reason or another) caused Google shares to lose 8% of their market value on the equities markets, forcing a brief trading halt in same. (One likely factor for the loss: The increasing competition for online advertising sales as is driving prices downward.)
Again, we are seeing That Invisible Hand of the Marketplace cherished deeply and dearly of conservative Zealotry and True Belief in action as above.

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