00h UTC; SUNDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2012: As these Rather Interesting Times for Our Dear Lovely Nation continue unabated heading into the final fortnight of Indecision 2012, perhaps it may be interesting, for starters, to ponder whether Saturday's municipal elections call by the Palestinian Authority (as succeeded only in the Fatah-controlled West Bank; Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, ignored the same) may be a reflection of the serious polarisation Our Dear Lovely Nation is facing. (I do apologise for having to resort to emotional excesses borrowed from Nigerian scam letters for the most part, but you can never tell what the forces of conservative Zealotry and True Belief are coming up with. In the meantime, consider making this particular blog a "must-read" such in the interest of insight.)

Meanwhile, there's plenty other Interesting Topics worthy of your attention:
  • Beyond a doubt, expect the religiopolitical Zealots and True Believers, especially such who place a high value on prolefeed as a "winning-of-hearts-and-minds" tool, extrapolating to the point of farce all manner of (howbeit illogical) "signs" to be interpreted by the destruction in flames of the State Fair of Texas' mascot, "Big Tex," on Friday morning vis-a-vis Our Dearest Nation.
  • As for what's expected to be revealed Monday evening at OctSurprise.com, Ons, Die Volk will want some assurances about the authenticity and credibility of the claims, representations and documents so featured. Especially if they're unaware of the "Hitler Diaries" fiasco and its knock-on effects upon the prestige and repute of the German mass-circulation weekly magazine Stern as fell for it in the spring of 1983. (Even more ironic: The website's unleash will come just 3 hours, 45 minootas before the Final Presidential Debate, to be devoted to Foreign Affairs issues.)
  • You may or may not have heard by now about where the so-called "National Federation of Independent Business" (NFIB), the self-annointed "Voice of Free Enterprise" (cf. The Oxycontin Boar's self-professed "Truth Detector" boast from time to time, oblivious to the Reality turning against him all the more), has been exposed as anything but; a new website, NFIBExposed.org, reveals where its "real" agenda is actually one of contempt and loathing for the small-business interests they claim to represent the interests and welfare of, even to the point of essentially advancing a Fascistic agenda sugar-coated as one of "defending small business."
    (In fact, Mein Innkeeper Friend, whose father was a co-founder of NFIB at its Minnesota state level, actually left the group some years back in protest of the very same disguised agenda being proferred all this time. As well, you might want to hear what REAL small businessmen have to say about Indecision 2012 and the issues as really matter to them.)
  • So how are the Elmer Gantryites reacting to a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics as notes where boys are reaching their flowering, their pubescence even, earlier and earlier than ever (on average at about 10 years for Caucasoids and Hispanics, eight years for Blacks), and the Clear and Present Danger thereby posing to public health, welfare and morals over time (even allowing for conservative insistence upon a "people-centred" model of health-care policy to replace ObamaCare)?
  • Here's a wrinkle that the Romney/Ryan campaign, in its Luscious Glory of insistence upon "energy independence" as one with Our National and Sovereign Identity, hasn't yet heard of: A British company hath it that they've developed a process to create a synthesised, emissions-neutral fuel using air and water ... and that they've produced five litres (1.321 US gallons) thereof in the last three weeks. (Which calls to mind that bit from the "Loonies on Leave!" episode from Thomas Pynchon's cult novel epic Gravity's Rainbow [1973] about "transmogrify[ing] common air into diamonds through Cataclysmic Carbon Dioxide Reduction.")
Meanwhile, at the Diarrhea Ward of New Rightus Sanitarium....

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