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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 24 OCTOBER 2012: As I write this post here in the Minnwissippi, what with the days getting shorter and shorter with the onset of winter all the more imminent (howbeit, according to some estimates, drier than usual), it looks rather dull and dreary (howbeit without the threat of rain, yet with a Dense Fog Advisory expected on the overnight aggravated by one day more of unusually warm weather for the season followed by colder, wetter such). In any event, most (though not all) of the trees around my neighbourhood have been denuded of their leaves, with the remainder expected to shed their leaves before too long.

Plenty of interesting topics to get to anyhow:
  • With "The Donald" preparing to unleash what he thinks will be the last-minoota derailment of President Obama's campaign on the morrow, maybe it was time to ask if he's in the same sort of weird and unwholesome crowd that the German mass-circulation weekly magazine Stern fell in with when it came up with that "Hitler Diaries" stunt in March of 1983 (especially a notorious forger who was fond of Naziania to the extent of skating on the very thin ice of such provisions of German law as forbids overt display of Nazi symbols, regalia, uniforms, &c.)
    Meanwhile, there ought be questions raised about whether Rep. Darrell Issa (GOP/CA) may have committed a Notorious Treasonable Act as could be grounds for his impeachment (especially considering the depths such went in endangering Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations as much as the Safety and Security thereof).
  • In seeing those commercials for Empire Today as offer special values for money on new flooring (sold through itinerant sales agents in-home, thereby increasing value therefor), you have to wonder if the eventual installation thereof is done by "wino crews" in an effort to keep prices all the lower, thereby translating into further value for money.
  • So much for Ann Romney's implication that doing Mormon mission work (as expected of such specimens of Mormon youth called into the Aaronic Priesthood once coming of age) was one with doing military service: IIBC, Germany allows conscientious objectors to replace their mandatory two-year military tour of duty with an equivalent period of community service work in hospices, hospitals and similar.
  • So much for the "artistic" merits of pole dancing warranting sales tax exemption on a par with the finer forms of dance like ballet: In a split decision, an appeals court in Albany County, NY ruled that adult establishments featuring "exotic dancing" must charge state and local-option sales taxes ... and we wonder how the "Tea Party" crowd, in its Luscious Glory of insistence upon a nil rate of taxation "in the national ineterst" (even if it leads to the loss of Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar), will react to this ruling in their prolefeed.
  • As for any tenuous connexion the "Olde Brooklyn Lantern" hath with Brooklyn in the first place (aside from the Brooklyn Bridge motif on a par with that used by Italy's favourite chewing gum, Brooklyn La Gomma del Ponte) ... Your Correspondent, on whim, decided to walk the otehr day to the Shopko store "in the neighbourhood" (as it were) and, proceeding to the As Seen On TV display, discovered that the "Olde Brooklyn Lantern" was--wait for it--Made in China. (Cue up "The March of the Volunteers" at its most obnoxiously strident at this point.)
Meanwhile, as the Moxie is passed around the dining room of the New Rightus Sanitarium ahead of dinner....


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