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00h UTC; THURSDAY, 25 OCTOBER 2012: Your Correspondent spent much of the damp, foggy, dreich day yesterday in Rochester attending a Mental Health Consumers' Conference as was devoted to discussing issues of interest to the "mentally-defective" such as moiself, with much being discussed on Indecision 2012's posing clear and present threat, thanks to "Tea Party" and suchlike elements, to the vulnerable and socioeconomically-challenged. For which Your Correspondent DOES intend to vote on Election Day (Minnesota still limits early voting to such who can show cause that they will be out of their home precinct on the day), and urges others of similar circumstances to do so.

And to be on the old watch-and-ward for such acts, deeds and exploits in the name of "protecting electoral integrity" reeking of the sadisto, especially where racism comes into the equation, reporting such timely to freecall 1-866-OUR-VOTE on the day. (Not to mention being wary of inaccurate or misleading prolefeed about voter registration policies or polling stations in your community; should you receive same in your letterposts, call your local Elections Board posthaste, as it may reek of Vote Suppression, a penal offence.)

Meanwhile, readers, "Romnesia" should not be confused with Rhodesia, especially following her Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) from Great Britain in November of 1965 thanks to a stalemate back in Westminster over the terms of legislation enabling then-Southern Rhodesia to become sovereign in her own right; before long, President Ian Smith began campaigns to outdo neighbouring South Africa's model of apartheid "in the national interest." As for the whole notion of "Romnesia" being seen as "constipation of the brain," such calls to mind this rather bombastic claim from early labels of "Beverage Moxie Nerve Food," since evolving into that New England soft drink peculiar known as Moxie:
Contains not a drop of Medicine, Poison, Stimulant, or Alcohol. But it is a simple sugarcane-like plant grown near the equator and farther south, was lately accidentally discovered by Lieut. Moxie and has proved itself to be the only harmless nerve food known that can recover brain and nervous exhaustion; loss of manhood, imbecility, and helplessness. It has recovered paralysis, softening of the brain, locomotor ataxia, and insanity when caused by nervous exhaustion. It gives a durable solid strength, makes you eat voraciously; takes away the tired, sleepy, listless feeling like magic, removes fatigue from mental and physical overwork at once, will not interfere with action of vegetable medicines.
(As for what explains that peculiar taste to Moxie, credit "Gentian Root Extractives," as per the ingredient statement on the label; gentian is said to be especially beneficial as an appetite stimulant.)

And just how exactly, pray, would expecting the working-classes to "do the People and Nation a favour" by "cheerfully" accepting a greater share of Social Security responsibility based on Latinoamericano models actually help things any when the vast majority of such seen to be supporting it are likely to be doing so emotionally more than out of logically (especially given their lack of knowledge about the workings of the equities markets as are at the heart of such a Noble Experiment beyond anti-Semitic canards and patsies most latent)? (No doubt certain to dovetail with what the RepubliKKKans really must have as their ideal for socioeconomic rescue and "reclaiming prosperity:" One right out of the playbook of Afrikaner Nationalism whose watchword was 'n Volk red homself--"a people rescuing itself"--and to be achieved through the constant and conscious leverage of otherwise "idle monies" into "productive capital" as would stimulate a new, "people-centred" model of free enterprise known as Volkskapitalisme--"people's capitalism"--expected to emphasise jobs creation and socioeconomic uplift of an otherwise "dispossessed, sunken spiritually and materially" people over mere wealth creation, said leverage to involve Reddingsdaadfonds [Rescue Action Funds] and appeals to National Unity and Cohesion as deemed necessary, without prior warning if need be.

(And expected also to involve campaigns seeking to conflate socioeconomic empowerment with ethno-national and cultural identity on a par with the Reddingsdaadbond [Rescue Action League] movement, to be seen as a Mission From God to Empower the Afrikaner as a Volk Unto His Rightful Place of Honour, of Luscious Glory, of Natural Dominance Ordained by Divine Will and Edict.)


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