00h UTC; FRIDAY, 26 OCTOBER 2012: So much for that Grand Delusion of the Romney/Ryan campaign of Indecision 2012 suggesting that the best approach towards helping the poor in line with the conflated notion seeking to equate ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe with Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar is to essentially turn over Federal responsibility for welfare policy to the several States through "block grants" as would "encourage innovation***consistent with prevailing experience and conditions:" When you get right down to it, when Paul Ryan saith (via The Huffington Post)
I ask you to support our campaign, because our cause is yours, and yours is ours, and together we can achieve great things,
methinks it really means embracing an agenda out of the Afrikaner Nationalist playbook, specifically the Proceedings of the Eerste Ekonomesie Volkskongres at Bloemfontein in October 1939 as called for embracing as a rallying-cry Vader Kestell's such of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescuing itself") through what essentially amounted to "crony capitalism" exploiting the natural synergies vis-a-vis the rather secretive Afrikaner Broederbond (and its public face, the Federasie van Afrikaner Kultuurbeleggings), Sanlam and Volkskas to leverage, By Any Means Necessary, the "idle monies" of the working-classes unto "productive capital" under the banner of Reddingsdaad ("rescue action") towards a new, "people-centred" Volkskapitalisme emphasising jobs creation over mere wealth creation ... and to call upon the Afrikaner Volk to rally round the cause of their socioeconomic empowerment through channelling their "defining culture" by way of the Reddingsdaadbond ("Rescue Action League") movement, packaged as a Mission From God all along.

And to reinforce such, expect a Romney/Ryan Administration to push through a super-secret Executive Order suspending enforcement of such laws prohibiting use of the mails or Teh Innerwebz in furtherance of lotteries vis-a-vis "cashflow gifting" schemes under the banner of National Economic Emergency--especially such as can be hybridised unto High-Yield Investment Plans (HYIP's) under the banner of "stimulating economic recovery" and "promoting Co-Prosperity" towards a Greater Luscious Glory of jobs creation and economic recovery seeing ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as the Great White Father thereof from everlasting to everlasting.

(Which raises the question of how the whole concept of "Co-Prosperity," particularly from the standpoint of its being the "new wave" of foreign development aid, can be made "people-centred", as in "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," hoping all along to avoid the mistakes as doomed Imperial Japan's designs on a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" which hoped to create an Asian-centrist colonialism--howbeit at the expense of its nominally sovereign territories, enriching the zaibatsu all the more in its desire for raw material essential to industrial expansion, but rather limited within the Japanese mainland.)

Considering where a certain online Elmer Gantryite
who is calling upon "Good Christians" to write in the name of Jesus Christus for President to "reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation unto His Name and Glory" has claimed pledges from one million Christian voters to so do on Election Day, Your Correspondent has to wonder whether it might just be better to write in Basement Cat for President. Either way, such could be enough to hand President Obama a second term with the popular vote thus fractured by specimens of hard-wired Christian Zealotry and True Belief--almost all such seeing themselves as "REAL AmeriKKKans" in the Fox News mold, and in the main "poor whites" as can be easily manipulated like talking dolls. (In a quasi-related vein, some Interesting Reading about the Unhealthy and Pernicious Influence of the Roman Catholic Church upon the campaign in support of Amendment 1 in Minnesota, seeking to Defend the Sanctity and Sachristy of Marriage as being Solely Between Man and Woman.)

As we all know, "The Hustle" was a popular dance move during the heighth of disco in the late 1970's ... and it turns out to be a tactic that Bank of America's Countrywide Home Loans unit engaged in to sneak upon Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac some $1 billion in mortgage-loan tranches of the "sub-prime" and "Alt-A" models as were unlikely to be repaid, yet for which the Federal Government, through those two mortgage lenders, guaranteed. Which, in the end, took Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the cleaners with Our Good Money when defaults and foreclosures ensued--and for which the United States Treasury is seeking recoupment from Bank of America, as if taking similar measures against Wells Fargo Mortgage for similar stunts wasn't good enough.

One of the more famous specimens of "Engrish" (as in the hilarious mistranslations from Japanese into English seemingly based on the literal) is a sign at a coffee shop in Tokyo's Roppongi district as proclaims "Stick to Coffee and Alcohol." Which I bring up in light of where Consumer Reports has come out with some rather damning results of their own research on a number of popular brands of energy drinks, revealing caffeine levels varying from 6 mg to 242 mg/serving (cf. the 185 mg of caffeine in an average 8-oz. cup of coffee and comparable amounts in the likes of Mountain Dew, Mello Yello, Moon Mist, White Lightnin' and SunDrop). And to make matters worse, Federal regulations currently don't require energy drinks to disclose caffeine content, which is fine with the "Tea Party" camp in particular (however, Monster Energy will soon start issuing advice urging especially younger people to limit consumption).

A new low in overzealous, self-serving hagiography with overtures to the highly-dubious "White Horse Prophecy" oft invoked vis-a-vis RepubliKKKan Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney came by way of former Fox News prolefeeder Glenn "The Blaze" Beck; you need to see it on YouTube for yourself, as I deem it unworthy of further extrapolation. (Meanwhile, Your Correspondent would love to see as an online radio station something I'd best describe as Radio Luxembourg meeting WDLS-AM out of Wisconsin Dells back when they were in "Your Vacation Station" mode, incorporating elements of NBC Radio's storied weekend anthology show Monitor back in the day--but, in line with the shoobie-trap properties thereof, being more laid back in its programming and playlist, much of it drawing on European "pirate ship" stations from the 1960's into the early 1970's.)

Finally, a Mondegreen Alert: That line in the chorus of The Rascals' 1967 hit "Groovin'" about "Really couldn't get away too soon," as I recalled it in younger days, sounded like "...couldn't get away to soup." Make of this what thou wilt, reader.


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