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00h UTC; SUNDAY, 28 OCTOBER 2012: Perhaps the one subpopulation most stoked up about the onset of Perfect Storm II (as in Hurricane Sandy's combining forces with an on-shore storm system by late Monday or Tuesday somewhere in the Northeast Corridor) would have to be the Elmer Gantryite Prolefeed Contingent, what with such having power and potential for "winning hearts and minds" over to their delusory notion that such is a Divine Warning that Unless the "REAL AmeriKKKan," Expected Also to Be a Goodthinking (read: Orthodox, Bible-Believing Even) Christian, Makes the Correct Decision in Indecision 2012, God is Preparing to Withdraw His Divine Hand of Protection (a/k/a The Invisible Hand of the Marketplace) From Our Dear Lovely Nation, Just as He Withdrew Same from South Africa After Their Abandonment of Apartheid.

Meanwhile, a TV station down Dothan, Alabama way is reporting thus on a Facebook scam invoking the name of former RepubliKKKan Senator and Presidential wannabe Rick Santorum, as is best avoided:
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a scam utilizing Facebook. The victim is asked to like former Senator and former Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum.

After you accept this invitation you will receive Facebook messages from someone claiming to work for Santorum. These messages will state the availability of government grants and ask for personal information.

It then will state the different amount of grants and the amount of fees you need to pay up front. These fees are to be paid via Western Union. The grant money would supposedly be sent to the victim via UPS.
As aide-memoire, boys and girls, it should be remembered that you should not have to pay anything to request information on, or otherwise apply for, any type of Government grant ... nor are Government grants available to individuals for general purposes. Besides, what would preclude you from doing an online search therefor in the first place?

And how exactly is the "real" Rick Santorum reacting to this?

So much for Mitt Romney's claim that Jeep (now owned in part by Italian automaker FIAT) would be moving all automobile production to the so-called "People's Republic of China" within measurable distance, throwing many once-proud AmeriKKKan workers into unemployment and despair such as a Romney/Ryan Administration seeks to exploit for profit, pure and simple: Wasn't Governor Romney the same one who insisted that Detroit should essentially "go bankrupt", even being left at the mercy of Cosa Nostra for financing such as banks wouldn't be willing to accept? (Meanwhile, those of you so-called "patriots" seeking to import automobiles from China will want to click here for particulars.)

As for that conservative, "Tea Party" even, article of faith insisting that only industry-based self regulation based on Best Practices--especially as part of a larger agenda calling for a minimalist model of government "to hasten economic recovery and reclaim Prosperity" all the sooner--is best suited to the mutual interconnexion of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, as per Divine Will and Edict, maybe it was time to askt rhe Zealots and True Believers therein some questions in this respect:
  • How many viable instances of industry-based self-regulation based on Codes of Best Practice do you know of as are already in operation in the Here and Now?
  • Are said codes "safe harboured" (i.e., determined to be more than adequate enough to not warrant further government oversight) per the Federal Trade Commission? Was same "fast-tracked" through bribery, trick or deception?
  • Are said codes written in clear, easily-understood language (i.e., at about middle-school reading and comprehension level)? Is any reasonable effort made to make the public and retailers aware of their existance, and where copies of said codes can be had for review or download?
  • Would these codes have adequate checks and balances to ensure the maximum confidence and trust among manufacturers, retailers and end consumers (including a clear, simple, straightforward even, procedure for handling complaints as may come under same)? Are there timely and reasonable limits in place for resolution of complaints under said codes?
  • Do said codes recognise the importance of innovation and healthy competition as essential to the defence of the AmeriKKKan model of free enterprise, or do such contain dogwhistle code and back-door "outs" as excuse cartel behaviour and its harmful effects upon business and consumers alike?
    (For the record, "cartel behaviour" is understood to include the ilk of price-fixing, Reseller Price Maintenance, creating artificial shortages to manipulate prices and maximise profits, giving favourable terms to major chains at the expense of small retailers, restricting or otherwise banning brand-specific advertising and related conspiracies, conferences or "gentlemen's agreements" having clear and present detrius upon interstate and/or foreign commerce as much as free enterprise.)
  • Do such codes contain provisions vis-a-vis responsible advertising and marketing practices for such industries thereby covered, in particular provisions as expect advertising to be Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful, all the while mindful of Social Responsibility and Good Corporate Citizenship?
  • Are such codes expected to give grace and favour all the more to "convention signatories" at the expense of smaller, weaker competitors unwilling to play along for fear of being dragged into cartel behaviour unwittingly, or are such equally binding to all industry stakeholders?
  • Would such codes apply equally in the letter as much as the spirit thereof?
  • Are there Model Industry Codes of Best Practice available online for study and review, especially such as take into account the issues aforementioned?
Your Correspondent awaits discussion.

Meanwhile, for the benefit of my friends in LinkReferral, I've decided, in the hopes of improving traffic numbers and reviews therein, to change the category from Miscellaneous to Social, the latter probably being a more apropos such for blogs generally; that, and starting to use "backlinker" sites in the hope of further improving traffic counts (and, in its turn, respect). In any case, your comments are always welcomed.


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