18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 15 MAY 2013: Has anybody out there considered the likelihood of the late scandal revolving around claims that the Internal Revenue Service arbitrarily delayed the processing of applications by "Tea Party," "9/12" and "patriot" groups seeking tax-exempt status being nothing but a manufactured "Tea Party"-brand PsyOps prolefeed designed to discredit President Obama (with the oh-so-subtle hint of appeals to latent racism expected throughout)?

With the Emergency Procurator Fiscal for the City of Detroit having declared the Motor City to be, in essence, fiscally (let alone morally) bankrupt (and then some), how much longer before especially "Tea Party" types push for a "complete and final" corporatisation of The City of Detroit, Michigan, LLC, reinforced by a rather obnoxiously-tasteless share offering pandering to the basest of patriotic emotions (and said shares more than likely being traded on the OTC Bulletin Board or--more likely than no--the Pink Sheets)?

Given where the Dow Jones Industrial Average has just recently crossed the 15,000 mark, essentially reclaiming its losses since the market's worst point in 2009 (and then some), it'll be interesting to see how much longer it'll be exploited by such seeing the "complete and final" denationalisation of State Social Security as an article of faith with rather crude and blatant prolefeed targeting the working-classes theoretically expected to benefit by denationalisation's (theoretical) "promoting respect for self-reliance and personal responsibility" for retirement savings somehow seen as "disregarded grossly" by the "failed and failing" State system. Not to mention looking for coach and horses being driven through to deflate the proletarian-egos of its Zealots and True Believers in this respect.

These must certainly be the best of times for Elmer Gantryite prolefeeders of the basest and most blatant sort in targeting the Moronic Underworld, a/k/a the "REAL AmeriKKKans," with atrocity prolefeed of all sort as insists that Yahweh God is preparing to Remove His Protective Hand from Our Dear Lovely Nation for Showing Blatant Contempt and Disregard for His Divinely-Ordained Will Upon Our Dear and Lovely Land, and that Our Last and Only Hope is a National Day of Fasting and Prayer on the 9/11 Anniversary, expected to include a Most Solemn and Holy Renewal of Die Voortrekker se Gelofte aan Bloedrivier of 16 December 1838 Towards the Reclamation of Thy Dear and Lovely Land ... only it turns out that some of the more hard-wired adherents thereof will go into an intemperate state beforehand and bawl out "Valhalla, I AM COMING!!!" in such sordid circumstances, hoping for blood and thunder ensuing.

On a brighter note, fans of the Minnesota State Fair will want to make a note of the following Grandstand Series Concerts (thanks to Sleep Number) as have been confirmed to the moment:
  • Thursday, 22 August: Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller and Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Live @ 20h; reserved tickets @ $38 on sale from 12h Saturday.
  • Monday, 26 August: The Happy Together Tour 2013 @ 20h; reserved tickets @ $21 on sale from 10h Saturday.
  • Tuesday, 27 August: Depeche Mode with special guest Bat for Lashes @ 19h30; reserved seats @ $60 and $70.
  • Wednesday, 28 August: International Cat Video Festival presented by Walker Art Centre @ 19h; reserved seats @ $10.
  • Friday, 30 August: MN Music-on-a-Stick featuring Trampled by Turtles, Mason Jennings and The Chalice @ 17h; tickets @ $28 from 11h Saturday.
  • Saturday, 31 August: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis @ 19h; very limited seats @ $20 and $30.
  • Sunday, 1 September: Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest Finals @ 19h30; free admission.
  • Monday, 2 September: Tim McGraw @ 19h30; very limited seats @ $56 and $71.
(Additional acts are subject to confirmation, and will be announced later.)

All such concerts conclude with a free fireworks display, weather permitting.

Those wanting to buy tickets for any of these concerts should contact the Minnesota State Fair Box Office on (+1) 651-288-4427, freecall eTix on 1-800-514-3849, or visit their website (added bonus: you can also print out your tickets from your PC, and save the service charge for sending them out in the mails). As reminder, a separate admission to the Minnesota State Fair is required to purchase Grandstand concert admission (advance sale admission tickets to go on sale @ $9 each on a date to be confirmed through the State Fair Box Office, selected retail venues and online).

VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit and debit cards are accepted at the State Fair Box Office, as are cash and personal cheques made out to the Minnesota State Fair (money orders are no longer accepted).

No consideration was received from nor otherwise offered by the Minnesota State Fair for the preceding.



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