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18h06 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 28 MARCH 2012: As if the neo-conservative meme insisting that State Social Security, in its present form, is nothing less than a Ponzi scheme "showing reckless and utter contempt for self-reliance and personal responsibility" among the working-classes (the which has been discredited many times over) wasn't rather pathetic already, consider the possibility of such schemes "Tea Party" and suchlike types would love to push for "economic recovery and empowerment" based on ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" as its foundation under the banner of 'n Volk red homself as its foundation being Ponzi schemes right there and then, officially to be excused as but an "intermediate step" towards the Final Perfection of the model.

The whole, in theory, as we know, expected to be based around a central "Patriot Fund" modelled on the Federale Volksbeleggings (FVB) launched by Afrikaner nationalists in 1940, under the trusteeship of Sanlam, to help stimulate Afrikaner socioeconomic empowerment by investing in "viable" Afrikaner-managed business and industry startups. Only in Our Morally-Superior AmeriKKKa, the Patriot Fund would make self-liquidating loans towards the same ends as the FVB, to be financed all the more through "voluntary campaigns" as may be anything but after unsuspecting workers discover whimsically-excused deductions from pay over and above tax and Social Security withholding.

And, in its turn, expected to beget two affiliated entities:
  • Patriot II, structured as an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) similar to the FVB spinoff Bonuskor (as called for Sanlam's policyholders to "do the Volk and Nation a favour" by signing over rights to any bonuses on their policies thus, in the further interest of Afrikaner business development); and
  • Patriot III, structured as a Retirement Savings Fund in Latinoamericano stylee such as has been endorsed by the ilk of the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation per their articles of faith vis-a-vis the "rescue" of State Social Security according to the Volkskapitalisme model and ideal.
The whole Noble Experiment--as in the main Patriot Fund, Patriot II and Patriot III--to be managed through a "holding company" best described as The Patriot Fund Master Trust, theoretically expected to be a consilium of major Wall Street finance houses acting under the banner of "social responsibility programmes" (read: an offer of Redemption for Value in lieu of Serious Criminal Penalties by virtue of their presumed "essential" nature to the National Interest), all stakeholders expected to cover all administrative and operational expenses on behalf of the several Funds and its Master Trust.

Only it turns out to have little, if any, realistic socioeconomic benefit ensuing in the end because of the Ponzi-scheme structure all along, officially to be excused as a "temporary measure."

Hence, the need for continued vigilance throughout, and its being challenged at any and every opportunity.


Taking tax cheating to new and interestingly hilarious lows: Some tobacco shops have started to exploit a major loophole in the excise schedule for tobacco products by marketing pipe tobacco for use in "roll-your-own" cigarettes via special machines to that effect, what with pipe mixtures assessed a lower rate of excise than cigarette rolling tobacco or even tailor-mades. Which, as can be expected, has aroused the ire of convenience stores and supermarkets who claim the tactic cuts into their profit margins on the sale of tailor-maids and roll-your-own.


Whose ekonomesie vryheid, &c., is it anyway?

Citing public outrage over the notorious "pink slime" compound of low-grade ground beef and ammonium solution, and public unease over its effects, Tyson Foods, as hoped to profit handsomely thereby from especially the Lower Classes, has announced it would be closing two of its plants so manufacturing ... as well as firing a parting shot by claiming that such attacks were a "slap in the face" of the aforementioned ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as would translate into higher consumer beef prices within measurable distance.


"This world is a comedy to those that think," &c., file: A JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas had to be diverted to Amarillo, TX after the co-pilot suspected something was wrong with his captain as could affect safe operation of the craft, thereby prompting the co-pilot to suggest where the captain leave the controls for awhile and get some fresh air ... which gave the co-pilot an opportunity to change the security code on the cockpit door, and just in time for the captain to start ranting incoherently with calls to prayer, refernce to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, and claims that the plane was about to crash.

And as the captain was about to run for the Emergency Exit (at 35,000 feet, no less!), quick-thinking passengers managed to subdue the captain while the co-pilot guided the plane into Amarillo airport for an emergency landing, whereupon the pilot was placed under arrest as much as medical examination. (Afflicted passengers were put on another flight.)

Just be thankful terrorism was ruled out as an underlying motivation.


To expect a purely AmeriKKKan model to save passenger rail from itself based purely on ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as per the British, fails to consider the possibility of foreign investment possibly being necessary towards this Reddingsdaad of sorts; in fact, several of Britain's passenger-rail operators include affiliates of foreign railway operators such as Keolis (owned by the French national railway, SNCF), Abellio (owned by NS, the Dutch national railways) and DB Regio (owned by the German national railway, DB AG).

Not to mention the likes of British transport groups such as First Group (as owns Greyhound) and Stagecoach Group (as owns Coach USA and Megabus).


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