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00h UTC; MONDAY, 7 JANUARY 2013: The so-called "People's Republic of China" may have launched a major crackdown on corruption, especially where "ostentatious displays of wealth" come into the picture, but as it turns out, doublethink is coming into the equation: The authorities are perfectly willing to accept exposes of lower-level bureaucrats engaging in corrupt acts, deeds and exploits through officially-approved microblogs like Baidu and Weibo ... but when the media comes into the equation, Tiananmen can get rather nervous.

So nervous, in fact, that reporters for The New York Times and Bloomberg News were asked to leave the country posthaste after they were overheard planning exposes on the corruption and perversion of power prevailing among the Great Within of the Politburo, as if insisting that they were above error and weakness for the Greater Luscious Glory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics ... a front-page editorial as was planned for a recent edition of the Guandong Province weekend gazetta Southern Weekend attacking corruption in Party ranks was hastily replaced with one tending to the hagiographic defence of Communism, with some of its staffers facing Serious Questions from the local Public Security Bureau ... and a left-leaning magazine out of Beijing was shut down after announcing similar designs.

And certain specimens of AmeriKKKan Conservative Zealotry and True Belief have this insistence upon having Our Dear Lovely Nation "be more like China" in "hastening socioeconomic recovery [and] restoring prosperity" as a prolefeed Holy of Holies!

The acme of blogging insincerity: Those posts as raise questions of "copy-and-paste" boilerplate insincerity as serve to promote websites linking to supposed websites offering referrals to business or professional services of one kind or another in particular cities where you're not even a known resident of, nor have any acquaintenance to speak of. Usually the lonely domain of such bloggers lacking any sense of imagination or creativity and yet want to add value for money to their otherwise dull-tasting blogs (even more so if they're in positions like Your Correspondent, as in being so severely disabled physically, mentally and/or emotionally that they cannot work outside the traditional milieu of sheltered workshops whose opportunities tend to be limited and limiting, hence being dependent on public charity).

Watch out for the likelihood of "Tea Party"-deluded governors, in their Luscious Glory of seeking to hasten jobs creation according to ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, and By Any Means Necessary besides, "advising" Vocational Guidance Counsellors (f/k/a Social Service Caseworkers) to themselves act as "mentors" to such specimens of "basket cases" still experiencing problems finding work or jobs training--howbeit for so-called "approved home business plans" (read: "multi-level marketing," itself a guise for Ponzi schemes), with the State covering "enrollment fees" and costs for "starter packs" for targeted cases. All the while downplaying the clear and present risks therefor, especially for loss of investment and the possibility for mandatory "front-loading" of merchandise expected to be sold quickly or unhealthy emphasis on building downline rather than selling viable products or services.

Not to mention all manner of attempts to keep the whole discreet and sub rosa because of their respective administrations' deepest desires to avoid scandal as could undermine reelection chances as Indecision 2014 approacheth all the more.

May I be the first to suggest where, in light of leaked revelations involving FreedomWorks' planning to, inter alii, bankroll campaigns calling on cable systems (via "REAL AmeriKKKans," naturally) to start carrying Glenn Beck's prolefeed online/satellite TV channel The Blaze, Real Americans might do well to simply ignore such potentially insincere pleadings of "harrassment by proxy," as it were, and suggest instead that local cable systems carry a more cosmopolitan news channel (e.g., BBC World News, France 24, DW-TV, al-Jazeera English [as recently acquired Current TV], NHK Global).

And for such among you as want to leave comments all the easier on this very blog, kindly note where Your Correspondent, with effect from this post, will include a link to His Very Own Slambook following these very posts; such is a rather innovative and yet interesting way to comment on these posts by sharing some insights on the people who visit here, and their personalities. I trust you'll like it.



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