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00h UTC; MONDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2013: In expecting the Lower Classes especially to rescue themselves out of "government dependency," and to do so solely by their own resources (cf. the Afrikaans expression 'n Volk red homself, as was the watchword of the Afrikaner Economic Movement begetting apartheid), you have to wonder what exactly is the best approach for so accomplishing.

Without having to bring in "Tea Party," "9-12" and suchlike ideologies into the equation, which could seriously dilute the message and the aims.

Without overdoing it on jingoistic or otherwise emotional appeals to a crude and primitive patriotism such as is, in Boswell's immortal words, "the last refuge of a scoundrel."

Without any sort of State funding, especially so "seed money" to launch the campaign.

All the while being racially inclusive, as opposed to the ethno-racially-centrist mindset originally.

And emphasising proactive, tangible results and benefits to the targeted, as opposed to an approach tending to an unhealthy emphasis on formula-written ideology crossing into drunken and paranoid tirades reeking of Ku Kluxer rallies and the carnival-like atmosphere in the day as had an appeal to the "poor white" element.

That, and our perhaps having to do without the Glenn Beck crowd to publicise same to the extent of such risking unwelcome backfire.

As a matter of fact, from what I understand,
the original concept of the Reddingsdaadbond (RDB; "Rescue Action League") as empowered the Afrikaner culturally and socioeconomically in the early years of the apartheid regime--and, come to think of it, an unlikely model for such movements as "Tea Party" and "9-12" types would love to see in Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa, though they won't acknowledge it openly--is being kept alive by the South African charity Solidarity Helping Hand, which has historic ties to traditionally white-dominant labour unions down that way; among some of its projects aimed at helping poorer South Africans, especially the "poor white" element, include:
  • Providing schoolbags and free hot lunches to poorer school students;
  • Providing scholarships and bursaries to deserving high-school graduates entering college or vocational training;
  • Providing food and gift baskets to families in need at Christmas;
  • Providing jobs-training assistance and counselling to at-risk youth and the unemployed; and
  • Providing vacations to needy families and children through special holiday houses.
Its emphasis, understandably, is on training and engaging communities and businesses to come together and help such in need and at risk by training such to become productive members of the community.

Additionally, such could also have as a component thereof initiatives to promote thrift among the Lower Classes by way of promoting Stokvel-type revolving savings and credit societies in Designated Communities to help the poor otherwise lacking access to mainstream banking and credit channels to help them save towards launching businesses, paying off debts, taking vacations, what have you. Likewise with friendly societies as would help promote retirement savings and other opportunities through mutual aid.

In any event, something in the vein of Solidarity Helping Hand may want to be worth serious consideration for here in the United States, especially if there's the blatantly banal desire in some "Tea Party" types to move more of the Lower Classes "from dependency on government" by preferably non-governmental channels. Just so long as such was above politics and instead emphasised action rather than ideology through local chapters especially, the better so such an otherwise noble ideal doesn't get caught in the Glenn Beckistan quagmire and thus becomes ill-sorted.



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