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19h12 UTC; THURSDAY, 29 MAY 2014:
As if the notoriety of Westboro Baptist Church's Divinely-Sanctioned (or so they thought) Homophobic Protests wasn't awful enow, Your Correspondent has to wonder if Divine Wrath and Judgment (howbeit of a different kind) was at play in Watford City, ND on Memorial Day (as last Monday, know) when a tornado hit into a makeship "man camp" of RV trailers housing, for the nonce, men seeking work in the nearby Bakken/Three Forks Formation oilfields; no reports of casualties or injuries are known to Your Correspondent.

Said Divine Wrath and Judgment being not so much over our increasing acceptance of homosexuality (as Westboro, or what remains of it, wants us to believe) as over our continued and continuing unhealthy dependence on inherently finite fossil fuels, and such being the foundation of energy policy "in the national interest" as fails to consider the health, ecological and socioeconomic consequences therefor in the long run (including climate change thereby aggrevated).

The following video (via YouTube, know) should encapsulate the whole:

As if such weren't enough to dissuade especially overzealous "REAL AmeriKKKans" otherwise out of luck or out of work from so relocating to the North Dakota oilfields in the hope of fortune or fame, perhaps the following video may serve as helpful warning:

(However, Your Correspondent, in posting especially the latter video, accepts no responsibility for the consequences of such specimens of bombastic machismo failing to heed the ensuing caveats. Rather, consider such to be a public service as needs to be watched carefully before making the final decision. Such who may accuse me of Unlawful Interference in Interstate or Foreign Commerce, especially those seeking to invoke Section 6 of the Sherman Anti-Trusts Act 1890 as the basis of their claims, may want to consider that their actions could easily be dismissed as frivolous, vexatious or otherwise without valid judicial merit.)

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