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15h36 UTC; FRIDAY, 25 MAY 2012: "To the pure, all things are pure."

Thus did Sir Richard Burton (he who translated the Kama Sutra into English, not the actor; just so you know) reply to his wife's noting where Victorian-era prudery was forcing his translations and other works into Private Circulation.

And which could be said to apply equally to such specimens of Zealotry and True Belief who prefer to hold purist notions of the prevailing state of the world, howbeit seen through warped beer goggles made in some low-grade sheltered workshop out Milwaukee way in trying to deal with reduced public subsidies thanks to the Ayn Randite influence of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, insisting in effect that the disabled are Non-Producers (what with the Ayn Randist term being a little too offensive for some of you).

  • Those suspicious $5 "donations" to "Friends of Scott Walker" as have triggered frauds alerts for Capital One credit card holders (many of them from lower-income or otherwise poor credit risks) to the point of such being unusable: How do we know such aren't secretly going to Governor Walker's Legal Defence Fund through trick or diversion?
  • Suggested "pre-emptive action" for the prospect of Keith Rupert Murdoch playing the "sovereign citizen" canard, or otherwise whining about his being Misled by the Treachery of Others (not otherwise identified), to avoid Congressional enquiries into the interconnexion of News America Corporation vis-a-vis the British phone-hacking scandals as closed his cherished Sunday gazetta the News of the World earlier this year.
  • Exactly how "pure" does it have to be for a "people-centred" model of socioeconomic recovery "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" to be compatible with ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe in the first place? Must the acid test, the defining standard, be the Final Proceedings of the Eerste Ekonomesie Volkskongres at Bloemfontein back in October 1939, when such scions of the Afrikaner Broederbond in their Luscious Glory of "asserting the rightful place of the Afrikaner in South Africa" essentially reconfigured Vader Kestell's original call for Reddingsdaad into a new, "people-centred" (as it were) Volkskapitalisme seeing wealth creation as subordinate to the Greater Economic Empowerment of the Poor and Dispossessed through Jobs Creation and Job Skills Training, further reinforced through the constant creation and leverage of "idle monies" unto "productive capital" as can be manipulated from the working-classes as required, and By Any Means Necessary? Haven't such Zealots and True Believers heard of cooperatives and cooperative banks as a possible vehicle towards such noble ends as they seek throughout?
  • Meanwhile, Your Correspondent would love to see some class of a "splash mob" making the rounds of a motel swimming pool down Wisconsin Dells way (where else?) this summer ... don't fall for those "spam" e-mails advertising "designer replica watches" which could be intercepted by Customs and Border Protection before they reach your door; instead, get the Real McCoy for once iconand protect yourself (and your good name and repute) in the bargain ... and even if fuel prices seem to be getting lower of late, why not stretch your fuel dollars by fuel-cell conversion? (Consider these examples for starters to consider at mininum.)
In any event, Your Correspondent now takes a break for the Memorial Day Long Weekend here in the United States, with blogging to resume Tuesday. He regrets any inconvenience you may wind up unduly suffering in the bargain, and hopes you'll all enjoy it responsibly and in moderation. Especially Monday, by taking time to participate in local observances of the holiday wherever you may be.

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