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17h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 4 FEBRUARY 2014: As if Coke's "America Is Beautiful" Super Bowl advert, and the ire it aroused in social media among Those Who Should Know Better (as in such calling themselves "REAL AmeriKKKans" in their collective Luscious Glory of poverty, fecundity and ignorance, not to mention a xenophobic, jingoistic even, patriotism as can be easily manipulated if and when required), wasn't attracting attention enough, the one Super Bowl ad as attracted greater social media response was the one as aired immediately after the final whistle on behalf of Allstate's eSurance unit.

As in its offer of $1.5 million for the best Tweet in behalf of eSurance, no doubt attracting plenty of responses.

Proof that climate-change deniers, as part of their Luscious Glory of insistence that ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe is somehow essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Divinely-Endowed Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, must not have any regard for the concept of the old pretty polly (as in money): It's now been estimated that the two "Polar Vortex" episodes in January (as in extreme cold temperatures and ensuing socioeconomic disruption) have cost the Real American Economy some $2.5 billion in lost wages and productivity ... not to mention losses the airlines had to incur in providing accomodation and meals for stranded passengers caught up in the ensuing cancellation of some 1,450 flights nationwide from major hubs.

And speaking of major hubs, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) is no longer one such for United Airlines as it seeks to further optimise cost savings thanks to its acquisition of Continental Airlines a couple years back; in the process, CLE will see 900 fewer flights a week, and United will lose as many jobs as it leaves the Forest City with a reduced presence as may or may not be exploited by discount carriers such as Virgin America, Southwest, Jet Blue and AirTran ... who, for all we know, may consider using Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL), which is closer to Beautiful Downtown Cleveland than CLE (never mind that CLE has direct rapid transit connexions to Municipal Square, or the general proximity thereof).

Given the emergence in some Wall Street and City circles of the prospect of a Major Stock Market Correction within measurable distance (especially with the Dow Jones Industrial Average seeing a 324-point loss at the closing bell yesterday), Your Correspondent has to wonder how much longer it'll be before the anti-Semitic prolefeed excesses will be starting to oversimplify things with their typical canard that the so-called "Bible-Believing Christian" is being "prevented from exercising their natural right of dominance over the economy" by "hyper-secretive Jewish cabals" having "unhealthy and disproportionate control and dominance" over the economy.

As if insisting that the "Bible-Believing Christian" having a "natural right" to control the economy wasn't bad enough, these same prolefeeding Zealots and True Believers (inevitably challenged as to providing proof of their charges, only to resort to the patsy that "it's common knowledge" and all that) will start to be pushing for a reinvention of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe according to what they perceive as being not just a "Christian" model, but also a "people-centred" such (a Volksekonomesie Vryheid, as it were, modelled on the Afrikaner Nationalist ideal of Volkskapitalisme expected to rescue "poor white" Afrikaners in particular from "enslavement" under British rule and, in the process, assert Afrikaner dominion socioeconomically over South Africa for the greater Afrikaner commonweal).

Only it turns out being what amounts to crony capitalism, with a number of "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot"-affiliated groups and sects expected to profit off said Volksekonomesie Vryheid through kickbacks disguised as "consulting fees" which, in and of themselves, are expected to be leveraged into "social welfare" projects based on their 'n Volk red homself ideal.

Finally, let this be a warning to such seeking to deify Ronald Reagan in particular in service to Reclaiming Thy Dear and Lovely Nation to His Luscious Glory, via the BBC's "News from Elsewhere" blog as draws upon BBC Monitoring for its throughput:
One man's clandestine journey to North Korea has led the South to officially rule it is illegal to "worship" the North's former leader Kim Il-sung, it appears.

Jo Young-nam apparently went to North Korea in 1995. He travelled through Germany, Japan and China to get there, and later claimed political asylum in Germany. He was arrested in 2012 when he returned to South Korea's capital, Seoul.

A lower court had ruled Jo's visit was akin to sightseeing. But South Korea's Supreme Court says Jo was supporting North Korean ideology when he saw Kim Il-sung's embalmed body at an extravagant mausoleum in Pyongyang, leading it to ban the activity for all South Korean citizens.

"His worshipping at the palace, which symbolizes Pyongyang's propaganda, can be interpreted as praising and propagating the North's ideology," the high court ruled. "The way in which he entered the North, his continued support of the enemy and the symbolic meaning of the palace should be taken into consideration."

Kim is still seen as the "eternal president" of North Korea, though he died in 1994. His body lies in state beside his son Kim Jong-il at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace - a place of pilgrimage for North Koreans. Visitors there usually bow reverently and sometimes cry. But under South Korea's strict national security laws, support for the regime in North Korea is forbidden.

Travel to North Korea from the South is banned in all but exceptional circumstances. There is no route between Seoul and Pyongyang except through third countries.
Is it any wonder that there could unwittingly be North Korean prolefeed influences in such from "Tea Party" types stateside?

Meanwhile, a final observation into what may explain Your Correspondent's mindset towards life in blog form:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Tomorrow we WILL receive a login!


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