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19h UTC; THURSDAY, 6 FEBRUARY 2014: Back during Indecision 2012, the muckraking magazine Mother Jones made headlines with its undercover online video of GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney at a behind-closed-doors fundraiser for "the Four Hundred" down Palm Beach way as made "the 47 Percent" something of a political catchphrase in berating the Lower Classes (as if insisting that their best and only salvation lay in tapping into their collective ethno-national identity and solidarity, Afrikaner Nationalist stylee).

Now, Mother Jones is back in the spotlight with its having obtained a copy of a super-secretive list of high-end donors for the several affiliated (pseudo)populist political movements whose sugar daddies (as it were) are the hyper-secretive Broers Koch, replete with misleading-sounding names to create the illusion of broad and spontaneous popular support among the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" (alias the Moronic Underworld and "poor whiteism") for an agenda which, thanks to highly-nuanced dogwhistle code, may actually threaten and undermine democracy to the point of Betraying Our Antient and Peculiar National and Sovereign Identity to the "New World Order."

Today's Washington Post, in fact, reveals in the following chart the Unholy and Dangerous Interlocking Alliances between Die Broers Koch and their several "social welfare" PAC's whose underlying agenda and articles of faith pose Clear and Present Danger to Thy Dear and Lovely Nation. Look at this, and try not to feign outrage, moral or otherwise:

(For a larger view, click on the chart above.)

In the oh-so-immortal words of Josiah Quincy, "liberty is not safe where the people are not watchful."

But will Ons, Die Volk actually Sit Up and NOTICE what Die Broers Koch and affiliated entities may actually be doing to Thy Dear and Lovely Land in this a midterm election year as could be all the more important for Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations?

During the Luscious Glory of depravity as was apartheid South Africa--in the early 1960's, to be exact, starting with the carnality of the Sharpeville Massacree, soon to be followed by asserting sovereignty in its own right by way of Hitler-wannabe Hendrik Verwoerd, to this day a Hero and Role-Model Among Such Who Ought Know Better (especially considering Verwoerd's martyrdom in 1966)--the concept of "Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions" (BDS) came about among social activists as a form of showing protest against white minority rule and its use of sadism as an agency of coercive power against the black majority.

For the uninitiated, a brief explanation of its points will follow:
  • Boycott: As in targeting multi-national companies based in, having a major presence in (though based elsewhere), or otherwise exporting products from, the targeted country ("voting with the purse," as it were) to call attention to their implied support of the regime in question.
  • Divestment: As in calling upon major institutional investors (especially public-sector or union pension funds) and mutual fund/ETF/unit trust managers to sell off their shares in companies targeted by the boycott action, and for said companies to quit the targeted country, usually by selling to some local cartel with possible political interconnexions or imprecations (in the apartheid regime's case, the Federale Volksbeleggings [FVB] investment fund and its Bonuskor unit trust affiliate, the latter eventually creating another unit trust, Sankor, in 1961).
  • Sanctions: To be imposed by the United Nations or other internationally-recognised bodies, aimed at cutting off the outflow of potentially ill-gained lucre at the expense of the regime's depravities through trade, smuggling and otherwise.
Over recent months, Palestinian sympathisers have started calling for BDS action against Israel based on the (howbeit flawed) belief that the State of Israel is an "apartheid state" vis-a-vis its treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank region, over which Israel also has sovereign claims (and uses such to justify construction of Jewish settlements).

Which is enough for us Real Americans (as opposed to conservative prolefeeders' perversion of the appellation) to start thinking for once about the (hypothetical) prospect of BDS actions targeting the United States and its entities from without, and its potential socioeconomic consequences as Thy Dear and Lovely Land is reduced to international pariahdom, just as apartheid South Africa was in the day.

A question at this time for "Tea Party" Zealots and True Believers insisting on the "complete and final" contracting-out of especially non-essential Government services at all levels in the name of "maximising taxpayer value" by keeping taxes all the lower in the hope of stimulating the Luscious Glory of Volksekonomesie Vryheid creating jobs and, in the process, reclaiming prosperity: In how many communities across the United States do you know of where snow-removal, gritting and street maintenance operations generally are contracted to the private sector in the name and behalf of the municipal corporation?

And if so, has such contracting out actually generated the "taxpayer value" hoped for, without recourse to accounting tricks or manipulation?

How do we know the contracting out of such services wasn't really back-door spoils and patronage rewarding Good and Loyal Service to campaign coffers, any competitive bidding being but illusory?

And was union-busting the real intent of such contracting out?

Memo to Christian Right Zealots and True Believers who just love to invoke the Divine Wrath and Judgment patsy to scare "REAL AmeriKKKa" into reasserting its unease over homosexuality in pop culture (as, e.g., the Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie making headlines with its lesbian-parents episode): Could the late winter storm extending as it did from Omaha and Kansas City across the Ohio Valley and the Alleghennies into the Northeast Corridor, with loss of electric power to some 650,000 utility customers across eight states at the moment, be the Divine Wrath and Judgment you had in mind, or is it more in the vein of Plan 9 from Outer Space and suchlike low-budget science-fiction potboilers from the 1950's into the early 1960's as had subtle anti-Communist storylines?

Finally, some closing thoughts as may or may not be a reflection upon Your Correspondent and his state of mind vis-a-vis this blog:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Tomorrow we WILL receive a login!


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