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18h UTC; THURSDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2011: Though Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity may still be the highest-rated stars of talkback radio, it appears that their dominance could be about to fade, if not starting to already in significant measure: Newly-released Arbitron ratings hath it that both Limbaugh's and Hannity's  nationally-syndicated talkback shows have lost 30% of their audience share year-on-year.

Which, when you get right down to brass tacks, should be a "red flag" to advertisers who rely on conservative prolefeed talkback for the lion's share of their advertising expenditure. Especially considering where the core audience for both shows tends to be lower-income, older and rural/small-town for the most part.


Speaking of lower income, newly-released Census Bureau figures hath it that one in two of we supposedly "morally superior" Americans can now be considered to be "low income" or otherwise living res angusta domi, even allowing for special tax incentives such as the Earned Income Credit to (theoretically) help improve the socioeconomic lot of the poor.

The ultraconservative crowd, in its Luscious Glory of contempt for the poor (Non-Producers, as per Ayn Randist thought), is likely to see such as one with "failure to properly exercise a healthy Class Consciousness" consistent with their preferred ideal that 'n Volk red homself (Afrikaans; "a people rescues itself"), preferably through the careful and conscious application of Reddingsdaad based on a "practical" (in-kind) model as opposed to such emphasising cash benefits "as serve to perpetuate dependency [and] risks undermining Traditional Moral and Familial Values", or so their prolefeed would have it.

Shouldn't this be a wakeup call, Volk, for to start taking serious and viable action to "help the poor help themselves" based on such disciplines that conservative Zealotry and True Belief are forever preaching about, yet insist that the poor "need to draw on their own resources all the more"? (Especially such based on this particular model from South Africa, Your Correspondent has to wonder.)


Tell me this isn't exactly buying time towards a back-door privatisation and share flotation of the United States Postal Service, reinforced with appeals to the basest and most emotionally-pathetic patriotism not seen since Thatcherist Great Britain privatised wholesale a number of Crown Corporations such as British Airways, British Gas, British Telecom (now simply BT) and also the regional power and water companies: The aforementioned Postal Service has announced that it will delay any planned closings of Post Offices and Regional Sorting Centers and proposed degredation of service standards (including the end of Saturday letterpost deliveries) until mid-May of 2012 at earliest, the better to allow Congress to address the Postal Service's fiscal issues.

Which could be enough of a lead for conservative Zealots and True Believers to push online petition drives to call for corporatising the Postal Service to force profitability therefrom "For My G-d and My Country." (And which ought best be boycotted or challenged.)


Appy Polly Loggies, readers, for having to cut this short today; later this afterlunch, Your Correspondent will be joining a bus trip with the housing here in Winona to view the Rotary Lights in LaCrosse, preceded by dinner at the North Country Steak Buffet, that city. In the meantime, readers, how do you like this blog? (Leave them in the comments section, please.)

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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