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18h15 UTC; SATURDAY, 7 JANUARY 2012: For such who have to ask about the significance of the titling of posts such as this, readers, it seems as if Your Correspondent was recalling at some length a magazine from the early part of the last century by name of The Smart Set he found once in an antique book shop here in Winona; its subtitle was "A Magazine of Cleverness."

Now you know.


Your Correspondent just has to wonder if the United States Navy is showing signs of chivalry in the Arabian Gulf with its recently rescuing the crew of an Iranian fishing boat as had been held captive by Somali-based pirates for some weeks previous, notwithstanding where the United States and Iran are not exactly on the best of terms (and especially considering recent warnings from Tehran insisting that American naval vessels as participated in recent military exercises in the Arabian Gulf not return to the general area of the Straits of Hormuz in future under pain of "serious consequences," not otherwise specified, on Iran's part) and pretty much the entire crop of GOP Presidential wannabes calling for "preemptive action" against Iran to prevent further development of a suspected nuclear weapons scheme.

Staying on the subject of chivalry on the part of the American military, Your Correspondent understands where a Coast Guard icebreaker has been called into the icebound Bering Sea off the western coast of mainland Alaska to assist a Russian tanker stranded there for some time, having been prevented by some rather bad storms previously from making the fall delivery of fuel oil and gasoline to Nome. In fact, absent decent road links into Nome from especially the Parks Highway, Alaska's main highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Nome has to rely on sea, air and even dog team links to bring in essential supplies such as groceries, medical equipment, household furnishings and appliances--and even fuel, what with diesel fuel required to serve the local power station. (Too, let's not forget the famous 1925 dogsled relay of diptheria antitoxin, as immortalised in anthropomorphic animated lusciousness in the movie Balto some 20 years back.)


So much for GOP/"Tea Party" prolefeed taking issue with yesterday's Labour Department announcement that the December jobless rate fell to 8.5%, using it almost immediately to play up their rather fatuous meme about President Obama's having a Secret Socioeconomic Agenda as Endangers Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar (with the subtle imprecation of an interconnexion between the defence of capitalism with AmeriKKKan charcteristics and said sovereignty For Mutual Benefit): They'd secretly love nothing better than to:
  • amend the Constitution so as to give the "mere formality of legal recognition," as it were, to this rather fatuous interconnexion as above alluded heretofore seen as one with Unwritten Habit and Tradition;
  • place the Definitive Works of Ayn Rand (in particular The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged) in the same league as Holy and Sacred Texts such as the King James Bible, archaic language and verbiage notwithstanding, the Constitution, the Uniform Commercial Code and the Little Red Book of the Quotations of Chairman Mao Zedong; and
  • call a highly-secretive Ekonomosie Volkskongres ("People's Economic Congress") in the vein of that which Afrikaner Nationalist leaders called at Bloemfontein in 1939 to (in theory) offer solutions to Empower the Afrikaner Socioeconomically--which, as it emerged, involved creating a Volkskapitalisme "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" to be financed through campaigns of Reddingsdaad as were right out of the Nazis' annual Winterhilfe campaigns, eventually to be entrusted in the name and behalf of Die Volk to the management of trusts affiliated too closely with life insurer Sanlam, what with its connexions to the hyper-Masonic Afrikaner Broederbond as had ultimate charge of the Volkskongres.

Meanwhile, expect plenty of prolefeed based on the auld "You have two cows ..." series of aphoristic jokes throughout Indecision 2012, especially of the sort seeking to defend capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics according to "Tea Party" ideals of a Volkskapitalisme with AmeriKKKan charactetistics "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" (in theory), as found on Teh Innerwebz here, for starters.


Meanwhile, here in our otherwise "morally superior" United States, whose Postal Service seems to remain in a disconnexion from Reality driven largely by a mix of nostalgia and ideology by and large, Your Correspondent wishes to call to your Notice and Attention the fact that letterpost rates will increase from Sunday the 22nd to reflect continued and continuing losses which conservative prolefeed insists can best be saved only through forcing market-based competition on the Postal Service's part according to capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics based on Ayn Rand Thought, to include a wholesale corporatisation and share flotation, the shares of which wind up trading on the Pink Sheets.

Inasmuch as Express Mail and Priority Mail seem to get all the attention, Your Correspondent would like to note here such increases affecting more traditional letterpost products commonly used by such among the rabble still dependent upon the letterposts for obvious reasons, especially in country and other low-income areas unlikely to receive any semblance of affordable broadband connexion to Teh Innerwebz within measurable distance:
  • Domestic letterposts (as in sealed letters, greeting cards and other correspondence) will increase from 44 to 45 cents for the first ounce, with each additional ounce still costing 20 cents/oz. (e.g., two ounces costing 65 cents, three ounces, 85 cents, &c.).
  • Domestic postcards of standard (i.e., 3.5" x 5") dimensions will increase from 29 to 32 cents; large postcards go at regular letterpost rates, as above.
  • International letterposts (both postcards and sealed letters, know), as are sent by airmail to all destinations, will increase from 80 to 85 cents for Canada or Mexico, and from 98 cents to $1.05 for all other countries. (All rates are per ounce, or fraction thereof.)
As well, two helpful points worth knowing relative to the preceding:
  • All new domestic letterpost stamps now have the FOREVER appellation, meaning such will be sold at, and will pay, the prevailing letterpost rate at the time of purchase and mailing; hence, any FOREVER stamps you may still have at this time can still be used after the 22nd. However, such sold on or after the 22nd will sell at the new rate, yet will remain valid indefinitely.
  • As all international mail is now airmail, it is no longer necessary to include the PAR AVION endorsement on envelopes or postcards sent overseas. However, transit and delivery times for international letterposts will vary depending on available air services and final destination, with country areas seeing delivery 1-3 days later, on average, than major centres.

As for my latest online vesch, by name and stylee of Let's Wisconsin Dells!, you'll be pleased to know where I'm continuing to make progress on same: In fact, the directory of "old-school" motels and resorts as is at the heart of same is now up to the letter P as I write this, with a forums page ready for both shoobies and innkeepers to discuss common problems and beefs. Feel free to take a look at same and see what you think of the whole; I trust you won't be disappointed.

Especially considering that I launched Let's Wisconsin Dells! as a sort of call for intending visitors to consider the more conventional brand of motel and resort for their vacation bivouac in the Waterpark Capital, especially as they offer great value for money, with the waterpark resorts seemingly getting all the attention of late with the region becoming all the more noticed of late. Not to mention expecting innkeepers doing their part towards staying viable and competitive.

Other than that, I trust that you still enjoy this work by its author ... and for those of you following me in Entrecard still displaying Adgitizer widgets on their blogs, please to remove them ASAP in view of Adgitizer's now winding up its affairs.

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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