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18h UTC; SUNDAY, 17 MARCH 2013:
Maybe we ought to find out if much of the prevailing conservative prolefeed, especially such as was developed at the just-concluded CPAC 2013, unwittingly hath echoes or similarities to the North Korean brand insisting that Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything (or, put another way, the AmeriKKKan People are the True Masters of their Destiny and Responsibility) ... with elements of the pre-apartheid Afrikaner Economic Movement and its clarion-call of 'n Volk red homself (to be achieved through careful, conscious and yet "focus-group-tested" appeals to Ethno-National Cohesion and Identity, howbeit manufactured, serving a "spontaneous and mighty" campaign of Reddingsdaad expected to leverage otherwise "idle monies" into "productive capital" expected to create jobs and reclaim prosperity as per ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe throughout).

Meanwhile, something that such as subscribe to the prolefeed doctrine that "AmeriKKKa Needs to be More Like China" may want to read online is that section of the BBC News site devoted to China ... and in particular the Monday-thru-Friday, inclusive, summary of Chinese news stories via BBC Monitoring from the major Chinese media outlets (a taster of which can be had here). In particular the likes of the Global Times (a raffishly nationalistic tabloid), the People's Daily (the Communist Party daily), China Daily (the official government daily), the Xinhua news agency and state broadcaster CCTV; occasionally, items from regional and specialist gazettas like the Southern Metropolis Daily, Liberation Army Daily, China Youth Daily and Labour Daily, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan newspapers, will also be doted on.

Three major scandals dominated the American broadcasting industry in the late 1950's and early 1960's as would eventually prompt President Kennedy's chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Newton R. Minow, to declare American television "a vast wasteland:"
  1. Rigging and manipulation of big-money TV quiz programmes as were popular in prime time, largely to the benefit of sponsors and ad agencies vis-a-vis many of the more popular shows.
  2. Radio stations routinely receiving "payola" from record companies to influence airplay rotation (as was satirised by Stan Freberg in "The Old Payola Roll Blues").
  3. Sponsor/advertiser interference in TV programme content, especially when it emerged that sponsors issued "guidance notes" to writers for their programmes as would nowadays be regarded as laughable (e.g., cigarette makers urged writers for detective or crime dramas they sponsored to avoid associating their products with "criminal types," especially when lit or otherwise in the mouth).
Around 1970, ABC-TV's attempt to revive the 1950's game-show tearjerker Queen for a Day in its daytime lineup was exposed as a fraud after it emerged that the "contestants" were actually second- or third-string actresses and the "stories" were actually scripted.

Your Correspondent presents these cases of Historical Insight and Context inasmuch as the "reality TV" genre could be to the 21st century what rigged game shows like The $64,000 Question, The $64,000 Challenge (as essentially had past winners from the former show challenge rank neophytes), Twenty-One, The Big Challenge and Dotto, the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" when a contestant sneaked off some crib notes to give especially "photogenic" contestants thereon, was to the mid-20th such. Consider:
  • A former "star" on A&E's Storage Wars lost a portion of his lawsuit challenging his dismissal as star thereof this past week on technicalities; he was charging that some of the table lamps offered for sale in one episode were actually stage props, and that many "incidents" were actually scripted.
  • Kim Kardashian's husband of but 72 days is now charging that portions of the hit E! series Keeping Up with the Kardashians as involved his "engagement" and subsequent "wedding" thereto were actually reshot to the point of raising questions and doubts as to whether such may have been scripted behind the scenes to maximise audience attention.
With that in mind, what exactly is preventing Congress from investigating the possibility that "reality TV" may actually be deceptive, misleading or otherwise fraudulent to the point of posing clear and present harm to the interests of viewers, broadcasters and advertisers in equal measure, just as their forebears investigated radio "payola" and sponsor interference in TV programming?

Meanwhile, those of you looking for fresh and fascinating online radio listening may want to take a listen to Show Radio, a special "pop-up" radio station in connexion with Australia's Sydney Royal Easter Show as opens this Thursday (Wednesday in the Americas and Europe) and continues through Thursday, April 3rd. Broadcasting continuously throughout in the Greater Sydney region at 107.9 MHz and streamed online (God willing) from studios at Commonwealth Bank Stadium on the Sydney Showgrounds, Show Radio will be conducted by post-graduate radio students at the Sydney campus of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) with a mix of Australian country music, Show-related news and information, traffic updates relative to the Show, prize draws and remotes from throughout the Showgrounds' distractions.

(FYI: Sydney is on Australian Eastern Daylight Time, which is UTC+11 hours. Remember to consider this in planning to so listen online vis-a-vis your local time; a good source to check the time difference relative to your town is, for starters.)



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