18h UTC; SUNDAY, 14 APRIL 2013: Immediately after World War I, and for a few years afterward, a popular propaganda trope among the defeated and embittered Germans was that they, as a Nation, were "stabbed in the back" so severely to the point that a once-proud Fatherland was reduced to humiliating defeat. And more often than not, blame therefor (or so the meme went) fell upon the German People and Nation seen as having "no respect for the Motherland" as much as the victorious Allies in giving due support to the German cause, what with munitions workers on strike cutting into supplies of war materiel more so than the Allies as were handily claiming victory thanks to American resupply efforts, though late in coming to war themselves.

Not to mention blaming munitions manufacturers and rank-and-file German troops for their "want of loyalty to the Fatherland" as the war dragged on in late 1918, eventually prompting the Central Powers, and ultimately Germany, to plead for peace with the Allies. Which conservative factions in the nascent Weimar Republic were quick to suggest was a show of "gross disloyalty and betrayal" on the part of Germany for failing to do enough to assure victory, which was further humbled through the Versailles Treaty as weakened German military strength (and demilitarised the Rhineland in the bargain); forced Germany to lose portions of its territory to a newly-independent Poland, Belgium, Denmark and Czechoslovakia; and placed the Saarland and the port of Danzig into League of Nations-administered protectorates.

Before long, such "betrayal" would be encapsulated among conservative German propagandists by the term "stab-in-the-back," alluding to the Old Norse legend of Hagen stabbing Siegfried in the back with the former's spear, thereby seen as weakening a once-proud Germany into shame and humiliation. And as if hoping for payback from the Allies, there was the infamous German hyperflation of the 1919-1923 period as saw the Reichsmark's value relative to the dollar deteriorate from RM4 = $1 in 1919 (when the Allies first demanded German war reparations) to RM762 million = $1 by mid-summer 1923 ... but not before employers often had to pay their workers twice a day out of concern that their banknotes would quickly become worthless within but hours, with the poorer element taking to burning worthless banknotes as heating fuel. (By the fall of 1923, a major currency reform stabilised German fiscal matters somewhat.)

And the Nazi regime in Germany, coming to power as it did in early 1933 by exploiting continued socioeconomic chaos and disorder (not to mention that "false-flag" Reichstag fire as cover for excusing suspension of civil liberties), used the "stab-in-the-back" mythos as its explanation for German defeat and humiliation which they sought to reclaim; we know how that came out.

Why, you humble readers may be asking yourselves, would Your Correspondent bring up this "stab-in-the-back" lesson from History at this time? Simple: As George Santayana reminds us, "those who do not recall the past are condemned to repeat it."

Especially when you stop and consider that it's the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement and its corporatist drookies, in their collective Luscious Glory of an idealised American Nationalism as seems to be an amalagm of the worst of Nazi Germany and its "keepers of the flame" in apartheid South Africa, as may be engaging themselves in designs on stabbing Our Dear Lovely Nation in the back, essentially betraying Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations to the "New World Order" "without due regard or respect for National Heritage, Identity or Sovereign Integrity," as their prolefeed would expect us to believe. (As a matter of fact, the League of Nations mandate over the Saarland following World War I was for a 15-year term, after which same was returned to Germany following a fanatically-depraved plebiscite mandated by the Versailles Treaty; the Free City of Danzig, created to allow Poland sea access in its own right, was under a League of Nations Administrator with nominal sovereignty and customs and postal unions with Poland. After World War II, Danzig reverted to Poland and reverted to its Polish name of Gdansk.)

Replete with the obvious displays of projectionist prolefeed themselves reinforced by crude and blatant anti-Semitism, racism and jingoism to make such back-stabbing of Our Dear Lovely Nation be seen as one with Defending National and Sovereign Interest.

So when will REAL AmeriKKKa wake up and realise that Our Dear Lovely Nation could be "stabbed in the back" by such "patriotic" elements claiming to save ourselves therefrom?



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