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17h58 UTC; THURSDAY, 31 JULY 2014: No wonder conservative fear, paranoia and loathing about the mass influx of Central American juvenile refugees upon the US-Mexican border region of late is rather loud, blatant--and pandering to latent racist and nativist feelings in their target audience of the Moronic Underworld as are too conscious of as much their race as the fear of their "natural right of dominance" being under threat.

That, and all manner of conflicting claims as to why said refugees are streaming wholesale into the United States, in any case making no sense absent clear, convincing evidence (which itself is inherently lacking): Depending on who you listen to, said refugees are arriving on American sovereign territory to spread Loathsome Diseases, entrap "REAL AmeriKKKa" into sex-slavery, whip up insurrection against Thy Dear and Lovely Land, or were secretly recruited by the Obama Administration for "medical experiments" of potentially dubious value (cf. such carried out in the Nazis' concentration camps on Jews and other "subhumans" so resident, as well as on prisoners of war in extreme situations).

All in all, a conflicting set of scenarios and rationales, but no clear "evidence" beyond their own delusional fantasies as may be made all the more creative by Al Cohol, Old Lady White and/or Mary Jane Weaver.

For those taking this seriously, please take note of the link.

And speaking of Loathsome Diseases, one of the more loathsome specimens of late has been the Ebola virus as has claimed nearly 750 deaths and sickened many thousands across four West African states, taxing the strength as much as resources of local public-health agencies (especially as such has no known cure) and forced especially Liberia to take especially extreme control measures such as banning large-scale public gatherings, closing schools, closing all but three land border crossings and imposing strict quarantine on families so infected.

Which has Your Correspondent wondering how much longer it'll be before the more blatant specimens of Primitive Christian ignorance start pushing the trope that the Ebola outbreak is a display of Divine Judgment for rejecting colonialism and the "natural social order" it ordained as reduced indigenous populations to being no better than Freaks and Travesties of Nature.

(Especially so the decaf with the taste for the refined adult audience.)
In any case, discover the selection of Starbucks decaffeinateds here.

Certain especially blatant specimens of conservative prolefeed think legal action against President Obama, as just authorised by the House of Reprehensibles, is Not. Good. Enough.

And would rather prefer to use the threat of imepachment proceedings as a backstop to whip up the crudest and basest of "patriotic" fanaticism in and among the Moronic Underworld, especially where reinforced with suggestions that such may be the Last and Only Hope for Saving Thy Dear and Lovely Land from the Sudden and Unconscious Usurption of Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Divinely-Ordained Peculiar Among the Nations Solely by His Grace and Favour by the Dark and Sinister Forces from Without Whose Only Loyalties Are to a "New World Order" Having No Regard for the Sovereignty or Sovereign Identity of Nations It Has Trampled Underfoot and Reduced Once-Proud Peoples Wholesale to Enslavement.

But on the other hand, such could be the byproducts of serious emotional issues from their pasts such as they fail to come to terms with, contending that they are somehow Esteemed and Revered by God to be Above Human Error and Weakness, and Acknowleding as Much is to be seen as a Sellout and Betrayal to the Enemy and a Show of Failure and Weakness in His Tear-Stained Eyes Weeping and Wailing and Bawling and Boohoohooing For Thy Dear and Lovely Nation, all that cal.

Speaking of "dysfunctional," this link should have the repair parts for your cell phone

Sic transit gloria ReaganBook: The latest conservative Grand Delusion for leveraging online social media in the interest of "winning hearts and minds" over to the Greater Conservative Agenda and related articles of faith has gone offline after but a few days in pre-launch Beta mode as saw but 32 signups--and plenty of liberal and progressive trolls making a well-deserved mockery thereof, prompting its powers-that-be to announce that it will go into hiatus to allow for testing of such metrics and analytics as can ensure the purity of ideological purpose while perverting word power in the worst possible way.

In a soemwhat related vein, Stephen Colbert announced on Wednesday's edition of The Colbert Report, in a segment discussing the subscription-based Sarah Palin Channel on Teh Innerwebz that he was able to secure the web domain www.thesarahpalinchannel.com to give the former Alaska Governor and Christian Nationalist prolefeeder a hard time. Watch it for yourself:

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