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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 8 MARCH 2013: As if Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang was unlikely, because of the old res angusta domi supposedly seen as necessary towards the achievement of the People-Centred Socialism Founded on the Juche Idea, to make good its previous threat to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes against the United States, or otherwise revoke the 1953 ceasefire technically ending the Korean War, the United Nations, thanks to backing from the United States and China, agreed to fresh sanctions against North Korean interests in reply to its nuclear-weaponry designs.

But then again, why would a highly-isolated nation such as North Korea want to develop nuclear weapons while starving its people all the while in the name of National Honour and Luscious Glory?

One "Taxpayer Lawsuit" the "Tea Party" types would like to launch in its dying gasp of Luscious Glory as a viable political farce as it seeks to keep the flame alive ahead of Indecision 2014: Viz., one challenging on "Wise Use" arguments the legality of mandatory kerbside recycling schemes in several parts of the country ... until the whole gets dismissed as "frivolous, vexatious or tortious."

The Oxycontin Boar, whether he knows it or not, is living on borrowed time with his talkback radio programme. Since l'affaire Sandra Fluke last year called attention to Rush Limbaugh's depravities of misogyny, racism, jingoism, honophobia and xenophobic nativism, and their appeal to the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" in his Luscious Glory of poverty, fecundity and ignorance, in its turn prompting online "name-and-shame" campaigns against his advertisers, both nationally and in local markets (as well as attempts by many such to play stupid when confronted with the charges, including claims by some that they avoid buying ads on "controversial" programmes such as those of Limbaugh's), his show is going all the further down the toilet in terms of credibility as much as audience numbers, especially in the Top 50 Markets.

Through it all, however, there are at least two Good and Loyal Drookies in the advertising department as are resisting pressure to pull their ads off Limbaugh's hate-filled misadventures (and, hence, prompting ongoing calls for boycotts thereof)--to wit:
  • LifeLock, a supposed "identity theft monitoring" company whose business model, it's emerged (click the link for the whole sordid story), was built on legends and deception. And worse yet, many LifeLock clients tell the Federal Trade Commission and state consumer-protection agencies that they've actually been victims of Identity Theft activity since enrolling in LifeLock's scheme, lured in by their advertising about their being a "preemptive" therefor.
  • Herbalife (via www.IncomeAtHome.com), as takes advantage, by and large, of the limited income and earnings power of his listening audience, especially such as cannot work in the community due to outside circumstances with vague and glowing generalities of big-big money simply by working out of the home via Teh Innerwerbz ... only to get burned when it learns that most of the income is coming from building downline at the expense of selling product, that one has to buy overpriced inventory and flog it off on consumers ("front-loading"), and they have to buy their own sales leads and have websites with affiliated webhosts at their own risk and expense. All in all, translating into significant loss of what limited savings respondents had, and with the merchandise having to be sold at a loss.
It'll be interesting to see how much longer Limbaugh's show can last on air, especially considering where the show's distributor, Premiere Radio Networks, is owned by Clear Channel Communications, itself owned by Bain Capital Partners, which is experiencing serious cashflow problems to the extent of its being unlikely to pay its creditors timely within measurable distance. IMHO, expect a shock and sudden end to the arrogant, bombastically-delusional "Truth Detector"--preferably by heart attack on air, captured by the in-studio webcam (cf. Chicago late-night radio legend Franklyn MacCormack collapsing from heart attack during a break on his overnight show over WGN radio on May 29, 1971, dying a few hours later).

As if the "Tea Party" insisting that ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe was Essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar wasn't awful enough to stomach without constantly reaching for the old bicarbonate, consider where the European Union has fined computer software behemoth Microsoft US$730 million for repeated disregard of a previous Consent Order expecting them to open up Internet browser choice to European purchasers of its operating systems software instead of requiring such to accept Internet Explorer arbitrarily.

How much longer before the "Tea Party" crowd starts pushing for mandatory School-to-Work (S2W) programmes for public school students deemed to be from backgrounds of "unhealthy dependency upon government," especially so in lower-income communities already lacking serious job or career prospects--and the sort which tend to be up there with "political instruction" as was common in the former Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact/COMECON satellites in the day (i.e., placing ideology above the practical, preferably in the form of drunken tirades developed in haste more than likely), unaware of the possibility for serious psychoemotional harm as could actually prevent their being made employable (effectively entitling such to disability benefits from Social Security) in the bargain?



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