00h UTC; TUESDAY, 2 OCTOBER 2012: With this the 51st birthday of Your Correspondent, you just have to wonder where all that time went in such Interesting Times as we're seeing now in this world so wide when all is said and done. Especially on this Indian summer's evening here in the Minnwissippi, which will probably be one of the last such inasmuch as the forecast up here calls for showers from Wednesday evening into Thursday--not to mention cooler and more seasonable weather (maxima in the mid-50's, minima around 35-40) for the season. After all, the Minnwissippi's been rather dry for some while now, any significant and measurable rain would be greatly appreciated.

But then again, there's plenty of stuff as needs discussing, so let's get on with it:
  • Based solely on selfish arrogance, vainglory and idealised Delusions of Grandeur, you have quite a few "poor whites" across the Former Confederacy calling themselves "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKans" with an eye towards seeking Oppressed National Minority status as would entitle them to the peculiar of not so much Civil Rights Act protections as one of "self-determination" (i.e., the "natural right" to claiming a sovereign "national home"--in this instance, the territory as comprised the Confederate States of America during the Civil War period--as per precedent of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which held that the Jews had a valid religio-historical right to establishing a "national home" in Palestine) ... which, come to think of it, is highly unlikely, and then some.
    (In fact, let's not forget that the Communists, during the Luscious Glory of Stalinism, were quite the believers in the notion of giving minority peoples "self-determination" where said peoples were the dominant population; the Communist Party of the United States, in fact, from 1922 until 1958, had as part of its platform giving "self-determination" to Southern blacks.)
  • So much for the trope of "Vote Right, Vote White" making the rounds of especially "poor white" "group areas" as are fertile grounds for "Tea Party" prolefeed and recruitment, especially where reinforced by the white-nationalist acronym of ORION ("Our Race Is Our Nation"): An item in the satiric weekly The Onion about a supposed Gallup poll claiming that white AmeriKKKan males would be more than likely to vote for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney in Indecision 2012 got picked up by Iran's quasi-official FARS news agency at the weekend, and ran with it as fact--until someone realised that such was actually a satiric leg pull at the Islamic Republic of Iran's expense.
  • And you thought that Afghanistan's having a problem with Taliban militants "blending in" with the Afghan military and security services to the extent of staging attacks on American and NATO Coalition forces of late: Have local police forces considered the just-as-scary prospect of Ku Kluxers, "Tea Party" sympathisers, "Christian Patriots" and suchlike among the weird and unwholesome blending in just as subtly with law enforcement to the extent of engaging in sadistically racially-selective Law and Order as tends to target National Minorities especially heavily while implying that whites are somehow "racially and morally incapable" of Infamous or Heinous Crimes?
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts may not have any direct interconnexion to Fox News prolefeeder Bill "No-Spin Zone" O'Reilly save for Common Surname Identity (that particular trope, I acknowledge, coming from certain Nigerian scam letters seeking someone to stand as heir to substantial fortunes at risk of escheat to "corrupt and evil hands"), yet they're still a major national advertiser on The Oxycontin Boar's radio prolefeed exercises. Which, in any case, should be enow for a boycott of O'Reilly Auto Parts, unlike what prompted the mayor of Izmir, Turkey to ban the sale of Dole produce in local public markets during Indecision 1996.
  • Those among you as can't travel without their cell phones or smartphones, as well as others who insist on pure freedom of choice in wireless telephony, will want to click the picture as leads off this post for a surprise they will find inetersting in a new browser window, notwithstanding where it doesn't exactly relate topically.
  • Finally, you may notice a new feature as follows these posts from here on out (and likewise applied retroactively, come to think of it) ... as in links to past posts to this blog as may (or, for that matter, may not exactly) relate topically to that particular post's topics. Your Correspondent hopes you'll like it, and he appreciates your comments in this respect.
Meanwhile, back at the proverbial ranch....

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