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All in all, then, some other Interesting Subjects:
  • Until the end of the 1957 baseball season, one of the most legendary of "subway series" baseball rivalries would have to be that of the New York Giants (whose home turf was the Polo Grounds) and the Brooklyn Dodgers (home turf, Ebbets Field), both of whom eventually moved to the West Coast (as in, respectively, San Francisco and Los Angeles) ... and now, with the opening of Brooklyn's Barclays Arena, New York City may see a new kind of "subway series" rivalry in basketball between the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden and the Brooklyn (formerly New Jersey) Nets playing Barclays Arena; the same likely applying to concerts, trade shows and other athletic events. Which, for Brooklyn, could be a new lease on life not seen since the Dodgers left for the West Coast and the Brooklyn Navy Yard closed in 1966.
  • Tell me this isn't doublethink: The GOP insists on "card check" at the polls for photo-bearing identity documents "to prevent electoral fraud" they consciously know doesn't exist (yet is really an assault on the electoral franchise of the vulnerable, downtrodded and marginalised of Society) ... but at the same time hires third-party "consultants" to handle voter-registry campaigns in Florida as wind up becoming fraudulent in and of themselves, prompting what passes for the Florida RepubliKKKan Party to let go the company responsible after "irregularities" were found in voter-registry materials turned in to the proper agencies. (Similar acts, deeds and exploits were discerned in North Carolina and Colorado.)
  • How do we know the "Tea Party"-associated "True The Vote" campaign of strong-arm electoral disenfranchisement "to protect electoral purity and integrity" isn't using "vote monitors" with Known and Notorious Police Records, probably hired under assumed names to avoid arousing police and/or elections board suspicions (especially if it emerges that their police records involve assault, spousal and/or child abuse, associating with prostitutes, pimping or even Hate Crimes)? Such is a prospect as needs to be watched, especially through channels like 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
  • As for the idea of fluoridating municipal drinking water supplies in the interest of dental health being one with Communist designs on mind control and manipulation (a popular trope in opposition thereof during the late 1950's and early 1960's, spread mostly by John Bircher and American Legion types, among others assuming the mantle of True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command), exactly what evidence did they have in form of actual medical case histories (peer-reviewed such especially) to show that fluoride affects the brain tissue and cavities, in particular such involving the Higher Thought Processes? (The which is all the easier these days thanks to MRI brain scanning, but in the zenith of that rather absurd trope involved radioactive substances as part of the brain scanning.)
    (Of interest to note in this debate is that the Jersey City municipal water reservoirs were the first to incorporate fluoride, back in 1905--in time for the Frank Hague brand of Maschienpolitik to rear its ugly head of corruption, graft, mismanagement, even associations with the criminal element.)
Meanwhile, amongst the waves being rode upon by the Junior Surf Rat Patrol at their annual super-secret surf convocation....

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