00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 16 JANUARY 2013: In its desire to (paraphrasing George Orwell here) tear apart existing socioeconomic models and put it back together in new shapes of its own choosing, Your Correspondent has to wonder if the "Tea Party" faction in Congress' ultimate desire throughout is to recast ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe along what turns out being Fascistic models while officially insisting, for prolefeed purposes, that such is "organic," "people-centred," "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" even, not to mention seeing such as the Last and Only Hope for the Lower Classes to empower themselves into embracing The AmeriKKKan Way.

And that they need to do so solely by their own will and reserve, even to the extent of citing as precedent the model of the Afrikaner Economic Movement down South Africa way and how the Volk, in their hour of deepest desperation to save themselves from "poor whiteism" resulting in "enslavement" to State welfare, rallied round the call of Vader Kestell that 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), eventually creating a powerful and mighty Reddingsdaadfond ("Rescue Action Fund") as would help finance Afrikaner business startups (the most infamous such being the tobacco company Rembrandt), encourage the investment of Afrikaners in same, and (through the Reddingsdaadbond, the Rescue Action League) see themselves as an "oppressed" people recognising themselves as a Volk above all else. Which can get to be rather puerile and pathetic.

Still, even as Hollywood issues denials to charges from the National Rifle Association that their products are in some manner responsible for our Realkultur of Extreme Ultraviolence (especially so in light of Recent Unfortunate Events), imagine certain Elmer Gantryite types insisting on a more realistic acid test for a "defining" Amerikanischer Realkultur in the so-called "music shows" down Branson way; such being seen thus by their being "organic" and "born of the REAL AmeriKKKan Volk," among other potential prolefeed platitudes to watch for. And be prepared to challenge.

Your Correspondent has come across a blog specialist in exposing online scams via his involvement with LinkReferral.com, a traffic-builder exchange service, who has published as a public service the contents of an e-book (usually sold online for US$39.95) containing supposed "online money making secrets" for flogging off on a vulnerable and unsuspecting public needing extra income (with "reseller rights" included at no extra cost). The which Your Correspondent would love to see Engrishfied (such, presumably, being part of the "reseller rights" in same entitled purchasers) in the interest of hilariously discouraging widescale public participation, especially among the socioeconomically vulnerable, asking "What the [N4BSK] are they talking about here?!" throughout. (For best results, I'd do it bit by bit to better utilise resources such as those of Google Translate.)

As if Walmart's announcing that it will launch an initiative on Memorial Day to employ over five years 100,000 honourably-discharged veterans across its chain wasn't good enough, such may be too late for many such of the ur-RAHOWA Against International Terrorism needing honest employment all the more, exposing themselves to exploitation by scam operators and suchlike weird and unwholesome types by taking advantage of their lack of employment and their need for extra income beyond veterans' pensions.

How much longer before the Elmer Gantryites start exploiting the clear and present danger of a purely ideology-driven shutdown of the United States Government for want of a comprehensive budget offset by spending cuts by calling for Our Dear Lovely Nation to, in the worlds of onetime US Senator and ideological drookie Rick Santorum, "suffer as Jesus suffered" to Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation to His Predestined Will as Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies? (Replete with invoking parallels to the Voortrekkers' plight down South Africa way after the British began "usurping" Afrikaner control over the Cape of Good Hope region, forcing them into their ox-wagon-trek across the Karoo into the Highveldt in hopes of reclaiming their pious, simple and God-fearing ways as humble farmers and pastoralists sent upon the land by God's Will and Mandate.)

Are the "volunteer school patrols" of Maricopa County, AZ, under direction of the county sheriff's office (as per "Sheriff Joe" Arpaio "himself"), unwittingly being dominated by petty "troublemakers" being offered "Redemption for Value" to avoid More Serious Charges, supposedly through "persuasion" (read: coercion and intimidation)?

One Thing More: As conservative prolefeeders speak about the need for "cost-efficiency" all the more in government functions and services in the name of "keeping taxes all the lower" for purely ideological reasons, never mind such opening the gates to exploitation by the dreaded "New World Order," I'd like to know if there are extant generally-recognised standards and formulae for calculating relative cost-efficiency generally so as to maximise taxpayer value (in hopes, we may presume, of such translating into a net and consistent dividend payable to the taxpayers, as if their taxes were on a par with capital stock in an enterprise).



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