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17h18 UTC; THURSDAY, 19 APRIL 2012: In the interest of maintaining the highest(?!) quality for this the New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull on Teh Innerwebz, Your Correspondent continues to find fresh and fascinating ways (or tries to, anyway) to help improve attention and exposure.

For one, considering where Entrecard could easily be on its last legs within measurable distance, he's trying (without needlessly going insane) to find a new, decent--and yet FREE--blog traffic swap to join against just such a sudden, unannounced shutdown. In any case, he'd welcome your input and suggestions (preferably of an impartial and unbiased sort; some review sites could easily be shills as receive payoffs to give certain such favouarble treatment), and would like to do so ASAP. (And would encourage others in Entrecard to likewise consider.)

For another, there's a more visible Facebook presence for this blog in the form of a fan page therefor ... not to mention a new Yahoo Groups-powered e-mail list which will offer sporadic "insider" e-mails as will go beyond these blog posts (or attempt to, at any rate); links therefor can be found at the end of these blog posts starting with today's such.

I hope such will be duly noticed, as well as patronised to the extent feasable.


How do we know right-wing prolefeed channels (especially so the more blatantly sensationalist-minded such pandering to the basest of emotions and feelings) aren't perhaps exaggerating the depths and depravity of the current scandal involving Secret Service and military agents as were an advance detail ahead of President Obama's recent visit to Cartagena for the Summit of the Americas, especially where the contacts with prostitutes came into the equation?

How do we know we're not seeing blatantly subtle racism here, come to think of it?


Notwithstanding where the Zealots and True Believers in an idealised Amerikanischer Realkultur seeing in the so-called "music shows" down Branson way their ideal answer and corrective to the "moral depravity" from Hollywood in "litmus test" form, how do we know 76 Country Boulevard and Shepherd of the Hills Expressway (where said "music shows" are concentrated in the 65616) aren't about to "jump the shark," if not yet already (what with certain of the shows there probably having subtle conservative prolefeed messages and/or subsidised by certain right-wing-leaning "foundations" seeking to subtly promote conservative articles of faith in cheap, cheerful, easily-understood prolefeed forms)?


Your Correspondent understands where a number of Hollywood celebrities have retail stores and boutiques in Hollywood and/or Palm Springs serving as sidelines to their film and/or TV work ... but if Justin Timberlake's new etailing project, Homemint.com (specialist in modern interior design and objets d'art), manages to become a success, how much longer before others in Hollywood extend their retail boutiques to an online presence (not to mention such having a presence in Amazon.com with their own online stores)?


It may be one thing for the GOP to insist (howbeit discreetly, mind you) that 'n Volk red homself socioeconomically ... but how do we know they're not really pushing for such to be accomplished solely on die Volk's own resources, will and initiative, relying solely on National Cohesion and Class Consciousness (not State "charity" or welfare) towards such ends, provided that a "people-centred" ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" is the prevailing socioeconomic paradigm to be followed (as in a Volkskapitalisme seeing wealth creation to be subsidiary to the empowerment of the Lower Classes through employment and jobs training)?

If such were indeed the case, then what exactly would preclude the GOP/"Tea Party" crowd from promoting cooperative societies as the acme of their "people-centred" ekonomesie vryheid, &c., seeking to empower the socioeconomically-displaced?

And Another Thing: Can you just imagine GOP/"Tea Party"-associated SuperPAC's pushing Indecision 2012-related "winning of hearts and minds" prolefeed memes straight out of Nigerian scam letters, especially such with the most pathetic excesses of emotion aimed at a target audience of the weak-minded and easily-led such as are the GOP/"Tea Party" target audience in their Luscious Glory of the crudest sort of patriotism known?


As the United States Secret Service interviews former rock star and right-wing prolefeeder Ted Nugent vis-a-vis what amounts to an implied call to armed insurrection against President Obama via the recent National Rifle Association conclave in St. Louis, perhaps it was time to ask what the Holy See has in mind with the recent comments of Bishop Daniel Jenky of their Peoria, IL diocese implying that President Obama may be leading Our Dear Lovely Nation along a path similar to Nazi Germany vis-a-vis Religious Liberty.

Think Progress, in its commentary thereon, concludes:
The very suggestion that Obama or his actions even vaguely resemble those of the Third Reich is deeply offensive and calls into question whether Bishop Jenky possesses the most basic understanding of the history of Nazi Germany.
Especially considering where the Holy See signed the Lateran Treaty with Mussolini's Fascist regime in 1929 as established the sovereign territory of the State of Vatican City within Rome, and established Concordats with the Fascist and Nazi regimes in their Luscious Glory ... not to mention the Vatican's notorious cooperation with right-wing regimes in South America (Peronist Argentina in particular) vis-a-vis hiding suspected Nazi-regime war criminals from international tribunals after World War II ... and also the Detroit Archdiocese condoning the weekly radio broadcasts of Father Charles Coughlin in the name and service of anti-Communism, notwithstanding its sympathetic leanings towards the Nazis and Fascists (in some cases, being little more than verbatim translations of the latest Nazi propaganda) until even the Vatican started expressing its displeasure and objections, prompting the "radio priest" to whine and bawl and caterwaul "Persecution!" until the FBI, itself under pressure of the Catholic Archbishop of Detroit, gave him a choice: Either cease and desist any and all activities imcompatible with his religious duties, or leave the priesthood. (He left the airwaves almost immediately; earlier, per the wartime invocation of the Espionage Act, his weekly magazine Social Justice lost its right to use the mails and his National Union for Social Justice was disbanded as a "subversive organisation." Coughlin, however, remained in his priestly duties until retirement in 1966, succumbing in 1979.)


As for today's leadoff image of a motorhome being grafted unto a Volkswagen Beetle of the older design, you just have to wonder what sort of reaction its owners would get at caravan parks and autocamps as manage to see its very presence. Not to mention wondering whether we're seeing a sui generis here, or whether other such hybrids may be extant as manage to be road legal.

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