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00h UTC; SATURDAY, 10 NOVEMBER 2012: As if the scaremongering brand of prolefeed from certain Elmer Gantryite model prolefeeders, the sort as appeal to such whose minds can be easily manipulate to the extent deemed necessary if and when thus, reacting to President Obama's reelection in Indecision 2012 wasn't awful enough to pander to the most basic of True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command, perhaps it was time for Your Correspondent (not to mention ye Real Americans as manage to read this blog, come to think of it--even if it means sharing this post By Any Means Necessary) to ask which exactly of the following can be considered the Greater Moral Danger, all the while thinking carefully and not resorting to emotion before figuring out the answer:
  • The Christian Islamophobe (as sees Muslims in the same way Nazi Germany saw the Jews) ... or the Islamic Christophobe (as sees Christians in the "Crusader" vein)?
  • The Branson "music show" in its Luscious Glory of sugar-coated jingoist prolefeed ... or the porn video in its Luscious Glory of lacking any coherent story or plot?
  • The labour unions standing up for the welfare of the workers ... or the Ayn Randites seeing it more profitable to relocate once-proud AmeriKKKan jobs to China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bhangladesh, Cambodia or the Philippines just to keep costs all the lower?
  • The Walmart Supercentre taking advantage of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" ... or the small businessman who takes advantage of no one and instead seeks to emphasise the useful and the practical?
  • Fox News Channel, in its Luscious Glory of prolefeed depravity ... or MSNBC, in its Luscious Glory of its motto, "Lean Forward"?
  • He who sees ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe to be Essential and Integral to Our National and Sovereign Identity ... or he who sees regulation as a "necessary evil" to ensure the viability and sustainability of ekonomesie vryheid, &c.?
  • The conservative talkback radio prolefeeder pandering to poverty, fecundity and ignorance ... or the blogger offering a refreshingly different brand of opinion seeking to be thought-stimulating?
  • Those who insist that keeping taxes on "the Four Hundred" all the lower will magically and spontaneously translate into significant and measurable jobs creation ... or those who insist that the preceding premise was a failure all along, that "the Four Hundred" need to pay their fair share of tax burden?
  • The scam artists taking advantage of wholesale unemployment thanks largely to external circumstances (as opposed to the "lack of moral compass" conservative prolefeed insists is at fault here) ... or the community activists who seek to empower these same vulnerable persons with ACTION rather than carefully-parroted prolefeed slogans?
  • The High Street banks who see "the Four Hundred" as a more profitable ideal of customer ... or the savings and credit unions who see Joe Sixpack as a more profitable ideal of customer?
  • The warmonger calling for "sacred war" with Iran as a "preemptive" against a nuclear-weapons programme as may actually be on the verge of implosion in and of itself ... or the peace activist who believes, after the Disney Parks' ur-National Anthem, that "it's a small world, after all"?
  • The existing TV and radio stations offering distractive "cookie-cutter" prolefeed ... or the online broadcasters seeking to redefine the boundaries by promoting the creative and the innovative?
  • So-called "Christian" radio stations founded on fear and loathing towards Reclaiming Our Dear Lovely Nation to His Greater Luscious Glory ... or public broadcasters such as NPR and Pacifica as are founded on offering alternative, thought-stimulative programming?
  • The holiday shopper, online or otherwise, who follows the prevailing trends and whims "just to keep up with the Joneses" ... or the holiday shopper who emphasises practicality, utility and value for money?
  • The national, international even, hotel/motel chains in their Luscious Glory of "cookie-cutter" sterility and predictability ... or the "mom-and-pop" sort of hostelery who prides itself on individuality, distinction and value for money?
  • The closed-minded jingo who insists on seeing AmeriKKKa as The World, and vice versa ... or the cosmopolitan who sees America as but part of a much larger whole known as the World?
There's plenty to go around; I urge you to think about these choices, and figure out for yourself which are the Greater Moral Hazard and Danger to Our Dear Lovely Nation, right-wing prolefeed notwithstanding.


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