20h UTC; THURSDAY, 17 OCTOBER 2013: As if certain misguided RepubliKKKan elements in Congress can't seem to wait for the next big opportunity to risk Betraying Our National and Sovereign Identity to the "New World Order" and its Jack-Booted Thug Forces, there may be some opportunity for preemptive measures as are the subject of these several online petitions (click on the links to see and sign them for yourself) such as Your Correspondent has himself signed.

Especially so such calling for charges of Seditious Conspiracy against that little group of willful men in the House of Reprehensibles, under "Tea Party" paymasters more than anybody, as were responsible for the obstructive measures that just ended ... and could happen again without warning. Especially considering where it's been suggested that the GOP may be on the same psychopathic plane as a serial wife or child abuser of the worst sort.

In any event, the RepubliKKKan-wrought debt crisis has certainly provided prolefeed fodder for the Chinese, who are looking for Any Means Necessary to have their Renminbi ("people's money") currency (based on the yuan of 100 fen or, alternately, 10 jiao, one jiao being worth ten fen) supplant the American dollar as the global currency benchmark. BBC Monitoring's China media roundup elaborates:
The Nan Fang Daily urges global markets to reduce their reliance on the US dollar.

"Currently, economic nationalists around the world indignantly view the US dollar and US debt as tools in a 'conspiracy' to 'kidnap and blackmail' the world. Regardless of whether this view is extreme, if we want to get out of this passive unfavourable situation in the long term, we can only reduce the role of US dollar and US debt in the global market," the paper says.

People's Daily further adds that other currencies like the yuan (RMB) and euro have the potential to replace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.

"Analysts have pointed out that although the status of the US dollar is currently unmatched, changes have started to occur. Economists say that with the internationalisation of the Euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and the RMB, countries are increasingly bypassing the US dollar and entering into currency swap agreements. These have all dimmed the aura of the dollar as a reserve currency," it adds.

Nan Fang Daily backs the yuan as the currency which can eventually become more popular than the US dollar.

"For the RMB internationalisation strategy the Chinese government has been cautiously but steadily advancing, the decline of the dollar hegemony may indeed be a turning point. If the dollar is less attractive, the yuan will become relatively attractive," it adds.

A commentary in the popular Sina news portal says "the fate of the United States debt [problem] is ominous...Do not forget, debt has existed since the founding of the United States".
But moving on to Pastures New for the time being: Talk about your "transmorgifying common air into diamonds through Cataclysmic Carbon Dioxide Reduction" ("Loonies on Leave!" episode in Thomas Pynchon's cult novel Gravity's Rainbow): A California-based startup called NewLight Technologies has come up with a new technique as can convert air pollutants into plastic polymers which are just as strong and just as durable as more conventional petroleum-derivate plastics. Which, notwithstanding the Christian Right's delusional thinking insisting that God bestoweth upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land a bountiful abundance of crude oil and coal to be wasted and misapproriated unto His Luscious Glory, could actually be doing a major service towards the global warming problem.

One thing to watch out for in all this "Mancave" mania in the marketing arena: Its being perverted and misapproriated in service to a misogynist chauvinism, especially so the kind which condones rape, incest, pornography and prostitution seen as serving White Male Dominion (and, worse yet, invoking His Name to excuse all).

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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