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20h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 3 JULY 2013: Nowadays, the ad as leads off this particular post today (click on same for the Hidden Significance therefor, or reasonable facsimilie thereof) would be banned as being "sexist" or otherwise "demeaning towards women," especially because of the implication that men should spank their wives for Choosing the Wrong Coffee--but in the 1950's (when this ad for Chase & Sanborn Coffee made the rounds; correct me if I'm wrong in the comments), such would be deemed acceptable.

And, at least to conservative talkback radio prolefeeders and their ideological drookies at Fox News Channel, ought be deemed so in the interest of "cultural heritage and integrity." To which advertising review boards such as the National Advertising Division in the United States (a consortium of the Council of Better Business Bureaux and three leading advertising-industry groups), Advertising Standards Canada and the Advertising Standards Authority in Great Britain would object under prevailing code provisions against Objectification or Demeaning of Women, Unacceptable Portrayals and Glamourising Violence or Asocial Behaviour.

Meanwhile, at least one Fox News commentator was overheard calling for the RepubliKKKan Party to maintain its focus on the "REAL AmeriKKKan" (as in the ranks of "poor whiteism" which dominate the Moronic Underworld, and hence easy to manipulate) rather than support immigration reform. To wit:
Fox News analyst on immigration reform: ‘Baloney,’ just focus on white people (via Raw Story )

Fox News analyst Brit Hume said Monday that the Republican Party’s tepid embrace of immigration reform is part of a “baloney” political strategy to curry favor with Latinos, who Hume said are unimportant to future presidential elections, hence…

Which, come to think of it, may actually be code for parroting apartheid South Africa's Luscious Glory of White Racial Honour and Privilege which sought Afrikaner payback for redress forced upon them by the British, all the while insisting they were God's Chosen People.

Meanwhile, here in Winona, MN, with Steamboat Days, the traditional summer festival, now a couple weeks earlier (the better to get dibs on plum marching units, carnival rides and fireworks displays), there's no official celebration of the Fourth tomorrow; hence, about the only displays pyrotechnic to be had will be the illicit such from local backyards--and, when seen from the Pelzer Street viaduct over the Canadian Pacific Railway's main line (just a short walk from Your Correspondent's apartment), the oh-so-distant such from nearby communities such as Fountain City, Hidden Valley Trailer Park, Minnesota City, Buffalo City and Trempealeau.

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