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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2012: Talk about the acme of irony when it comes to the 2012-13 flu season just starting: The latest weekly outbreak reportage from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hath it that five Southern states--Alabama, Louisana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas--are reporting Widespread Outbreaks thereof. Another Southern state, as in North Carolina, has reported this past week two deaths from said flu.

Those very states, in fact, have in common their being "Red" (as in RepubliKKKan-tending), not to mention having Mitt Romney winning the Presidential vote in those several states. Hence, enough to think such being a sign of Divine Wrath and Judgment thereon for being hard-wired RepubliKKKan throughout. (Still, though, another CDC report relating to the preceding hath it that about 1/3 of the American population has received flu vaccinations to date; hence, if you haven't received your vaccination, do so at your earliest opportunity. Especially if you're in the high-risk populations of the young, the elderly or the pregnant and nursing; what's more, many insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid or state equivalent, will cover the full cost of flu vaccinations without deductible or co-payment.

(Just remember that it takes about a fortnight for the vaccine to kick in and develop immunity in your own system.)

47, it seems, is not a lucky number for the losing GOP Presidential wannabe in Indecision 2012, by name and stylee of Mitt Romney. First, there was that notorious "47 percent" remark Mother Jones magazine called to light through secretly-recorded video at a fundraiser involving the Maker classes questioning the want of responsibility in the Taker classes.

And as final calculations of the popular vote in Indecision 2012 (setting the stage as it does for the Electoral College to formalise the result) are released, the highly-respected Cook Political Report hath it (via MSNBC's Daily Rundown yesterday morning) that Romney's (howbeit losing) share of the overall popular vote across all states is--you guessed it--47%.

And Romney's (still losing) share of the popular vote in the 12 Swing States deemed crucial to incumbent President Obama's reelection victory is--you guessed it--47%.

And remember, boys and girls, it's still the Electoral College that matters in the Presidential elections. And when they meet next Monday in the several state capitols to certify and finalise their returns, Barack Obama's reelection will be confirmed as official by each state's electors.

So Grover "AmeriKKKans for Tax Reform" Norquist can't wait for the automatic tax increases and sequestration in consequence of the so-called "fiscal cliff" to kick in absent Congress' arriving at a viable tax and spending agenda in the "lame duck" session of Congress to unleash "Tea Party II" upon the forces of "poor whiteism" as can be easily manipulated and controlled: Maybe it was time to come up with psychological responses to take advantage of such poverty, fecundity and ignorance common in "poor whiteism" generally being manipulated.

And talk about "REAL AmeriKKKan Cultural Heritage" gone off the deep end: Did you see on the news surveillance-camera footage of an attempt to rob a liquor store in Richland County, SC of two refrigerated 24-packs of beer degenerating into a "beer fight" which was distractive enow for the manager to apprehend the suspect?

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