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15h18 UTC; SATURDAY, 21 APRIL 2012: First off, Your Correspondent hopes, by the time this weekend winds up, to take steps towards improving traffic unto the Online Mall of this website, the better to improve the traffic numbers and (hopefully, in the end) generate some serious income and revenue from bona fide online shopping therefrom. In any case, watch same to see what exactly transpireth.


With Appy Polly Loggies to Stephen Foster, "O weep no more, ye zealots": Lest any absurd and out-of-control conspiracy theories develop as eventually border on a runaway train as has lost control big time, the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has ruled that the recent death of conservative prolefeed hero and martyr Andrew Breitbart was caused by heart attack aggravated by an enlarged heart (and know, Meneer Breitbart had a history of heart trouble); further, trace amounts of alcohol were discerned in his bloodstream, but no prescription or narcotic substances in excess.

Let the preceding be considered the final and official record.


With the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement seemingly holding Darwinian-model cartel behaviour to be among their Deeply- and Dearly-Held Articles of Faith as will Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation (don't you just love the invocation of Nigerian scam letter memes in "Tea Party" prolefeed?) unto His Greater Luscious Glory, you have to wonder if such would lusciously approve of what essentially is the naissence of the Airline Trust, what with Delta already having integrated Northwest, United and Continental having merged--and now US Airways making overtures to the employees of the bankrupt American Airlines as are dropping hints of an emerging merger.

Which, in any case, could mean higher fares and fewer flight options, especially should a clear and discernable pattern of cartel behaviour evolve in the smoke-filled snug of that legendary, and at once super-secretive, Branson "card key club" known as Die Groß Säugling ("The Gross Suckling"), the greatest acme of super-secretive, ur-Freemasonic even, conservative strategem-building since the collapse of the Afrikaner Broederbond concurrent with that of apartheid South Africa, posing clear and present harm to business and pleasure travellers alike, not to mention our "morally superior" socioeconomic paradigm based upon the interconnexion of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" with Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations, integrated so that the defence of one is seen as that of the other, serving Mutual Benefit (or so the meme holdeth).

So what would preclude us Real Americans (unlike the Fox News simulation serving little more than prolefeed ends) from using such naissence of dangerous cartel behaviour as a starting-point to encourage greater support for Amtrak, especially in high-traffic corridor scenarios such as the Northeast such, the Midwestern network from the Chicago hub and the West Coast such (as in Amtrak California and the Cascadia such)?


Meanwhile, Your Correspondent thinks he has a good idea of what the Greater Conservative Prolefeed Masheen considers the ideal "REAL AmeriKKKan": White (preferably of "Aryan" and/or "Nordic" characteristics), "Bible-Believing Christian" (as in placing the Pure Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ above all else traditionally seen as "Christian"), preferably of the lowest socioeconomic stratae (as in having no or otherwise limited realistic job or career skills compatible with current conditions) as much as breeding and intellect which can easily be manipulated to the extent of such depths of fanatical patriotism deemed necessary under prevailing circumstances.

Not to mention incapable of forming general ideas such as grasping complex plot or story lines in simple, easily-understood forms, as well as having a "cultural heritage" condoning the obnoxiously obscene and pornographic as can excuse the "dumping" upon Designated Group Areas therefor of generically-packaged Adult Sex Videos lacking any coherent plot, story or theme (in other words, just random and unrelated sexual content, with frequent and conscious displays of sexual activity at its most banally explicit, making no distinction between the heterosexual and homosexual, with occasional displays of animal mating activity "just to add some variety to the mix").


Doublethink-Spotting Time: How is it possible for North Korea to promote what they consider to be a "people-centred socialism" officially known as Juche when official policy out of Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang gives priority to the military in all respects socioeconomic (as in the Songun ["Army First"] Doctrine)?


It's well known that critics of media violence will love to suggest an interconnexion between depictions of the old ultraviolence in films, TV programmes and video games and Notorious and Infamous Criminal or Anti-Social Acts, Deeds and Exploits ... not to mention expressing particular concern about the marketing of said ultraviolence in such contexts as may be easily visible to children (e.g., posters for violent horror films being in close proximity to schools or community centres, which was an area of Especial Concern to the Advertising Standards Authority in Great Britain when it first started out 50 years ago this year).

Latest specimen likely to be thus deployed in prolefeed: The admission by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behrens Breivik at his trial for the martyrdoms of 77 people last summer, mostly at a youth camp near Oslo, that he would spend as much as 16 hours a day on the MMRPG World of Warcraft honing his skills in what he saw as the defence of White Christian Honour and Luscious Glory, hoping Meneer Breivik would be welcomed at the gates of Valhalla in triumph.


So what would prevent some class of a "plant" among the Secular-Progressive Real American model at an especially fanatical "Tea Party"-sponsored "town meeting" of the sort likely to be all the more heading into Indecision 2012 asking if the "defence of the Constitution" isn't really dogwhistle code for reinstating the Articles of Confederation as the ur-Constitution of Our Dear Lovely Nation, consistent with their ideal of a "minimalist" State?


Not the best way to exploit the headlines for advertising purposes: The Colombian Government has filed a Diplomatic Protest over an ad by cut-price airline Spirit Airways cashing in (or trying to) on the emerging scandal over advance teams of Secret Service and military personnel having contacts with prostitutes ahead of President Obama's arrival in Cartagena for the recent Summit of the Americas (as in offering services to Cartagena "giving you more bang for the buck!").


With Hostess Brands (as in such iconic snack-cake brands as Twinkies, Cup Cakes, Sno-Balls and Ding Dongs; they also own Drake's, which markets mostly in the Northeast) facing the clear and present likelihood of outright closedown absent union concessions from its employees vis-a-vis its bankruptcy, with concurrent loss of said products, you could just imagine the likes of Interstate Baking (which owns Dolly Madison), Entenmann's and Tastykake (the latter two, like Drake's, sold mostly in the Northeast, with occasional forays into the South and Midwest) preparing to buy up Hostess Brands' bakeries at fire-sale prices from the Bankruptcy Court, thereby expanding the presence of such heretofore-regionally-inclined brands and their range.

In any event, prepare for the likelihood of Krimpets and Kandykakes making their way beyond the Northeast.


So what exactly is the problem with our "morally superior" brand of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., such as prompts conservative umbarge against President Obama vis-a-vis Indecision 2012 when you have many traditionally heavy-industry-dominant regions of The AmeriKKKa We Love Deeply and Dearly seeing a major resurgence in jobs and productivity of late thanks to the increasing cost of continuing production in China (not to mention the cost of transportation between China and the United States only getting higher as oil prices continue climbing) and the deteriorating security situation in Mexico making things uneasy for maquiladora and other American-owned factories south of the Rio Grande?

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