17h25 UTC; THURSDAY, 20 MARCH 2014: As China's infamously notorious Empress Dowager Cixi was lying on her deathbed in the Palace of Cloudless Heaven in Beijing's Forbidden City in 1908, succumbing to the effects of a prolonged opium habit (and having just named the eight-year-old Puyi as Emperor of China), she was asked by one of her counsellors if she wanted special prayers said for her.

In reply, she reputedly said "No. I have sinned enough. Let me go in peace."

Only to expend her dying breath on a prolonged rant about allowing eunuchs in particular unfettered reign within the corridors of imperial power.

The reason I bring up this story about China's opium-addicted Empress Dowager
on her deathbed is because, in case you haven't heard the news by now, Rev. Fred "Westboro Baptist Church" Phelps died in the night in a Topeka hospice at 84 years of age; immediate cause of death was not disclosed.

And it's more than likely that Rev. Phelps' fellow "Christian" homophobes, giving his "church" much in the way of aid and comfort for his "educational" funeral protests contending that the deaths of American soliders in what was essentially a needless "holy war" in Iraq and Afghanistan should be seen as Divine Wrath and Judgment Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation for condoning homosexuality contrary to the Divine Will and Endowment God Bestowed Upon Thy Nation, will be calling upon their followers across "REAL AmeriKKKa" (as in poor, undereducated and easily-led "white trash" lacking any realistic sense of direction or resolve, come to think of it) to go into wholesale prayer, fasting, weeping and wailing and bawling and boohoohooing unto the Bosom of Bog and All His Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints in Their Mercy Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation for the Loss of a Good Christian Patriot Seeking to Call From Abeyance the Title and Mantle Abandoned by Apartheid South Africa of "God's Own Country" For Thy Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa.

Your Correspondent, for one, disagrees with such notions,
exaggerated as I may have made them just now. Rev. Phelps and his dysfunctional family as are, by and large, Westboro Baptist Church have done Thy Dear and Lovely Land (or so they insist on seeing it) much in the way of harm and damage to her name and repute, especially among men and women of goodwill. In fact, Nathan Phelps, who broke the news of Rev. Phelps' imminence of demise in Facebook Sunday, would tell CBC Radio's As It Happens on Tuesday evening that his family was essentially primed and conditioned throughout childhood, reinforced by parental ultraviolence, to go into hatemongering-for-God-and-Country mode, eventually developing the nucleus of such protests. (Nathan also noted that he plans to write a memoir of his experiences, and the circumstances as led him to leave the family at 18 years of age.)

In any event, Rev. Fred Phelps is undeserving of any serious mourning, weeping, wailing, bawling or boohoohooing in the days and weeks ahead. He is certainly bound for the Seventh Circle of Hell more than anyplace else thanks to his blasphemous acts, deeds and exploits which have given a black eye to Christian Love and Tolerance by invoking same in defence of Hate, reinforced by a recklessly selective reading of Divine Scripture. Not to mention, perhaps, an abusive and dysfunctional upbringing during the Great Depression's extremes that he never quite came to terms with because of an unwillingness to, as if insisting that Hate in His Name and Service came first above all else.

So leave Rev. Phelps alone. He has sinned enough, and then some.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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