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17h26 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 23 JULY 2014: While browsing around the Shopko store "in my neighbourhood" (as it were) the other night on whim, Your Correspondent couldn't help but take note of the display of school-specific lists of supplies recommended for purchase heading into the 2014-2015 school term, starting for the most part around after Labour Day, generally grouped by grade (and with teacher-specific requisites in some instances).

And one thing he couldn't help but notice was where many such had almost common recommendations for school supplies vis-a-vis returning students, in particular the likes of:
  • Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils (which one school contended were the best such for their pencil sharpeners on their list);
  • Crayola (as opposed to RoseArt or dollar-store) crayons, preferably in packages of no more than 24;
  • Fiskars scissors;
  • Sharpie odorless dry-erase markers in the three primary colours (red, blue and green) and black; and
  • Elmer's Glue-All white school glue and glue sticks (the latter one school recommended for Kindergarten students because they felt cheap, dollar-store glue sticks tended to dry out rather quickly).
As if such weren't enough, school supply lists are calling for specific colours of school notebooks vis-a-vis specific subjects (in general, red, yellow, blue, green and purple), with coordinated folders to match; wide-ruled for elementary school such, collegiate-ruled for middle- and high-school such; some schools, citing limited desk space, don't allow Trapper Keepers or similar for students. Not to mention preference for solar calculators for maths classes and, for such attending advanced maths classes requiring graphic calculators, such from Texas Insturments in the TI-83 or TI-84 series (the latter having more memory).

As for pens, black and red are the preferred colours, regardless of whether conventional or gel inks are used, with red for editing and checking school work. Other colours being seen as "distractive" in that they're seen to condone play at the expense of study and learning; likewise with glitter glue, especially in elementary grades.

Depending on gender or the first letter of one's last name, elementary-level students are asked to supply facial tissues or hand santitzer gel ... or, for that matter, zipper lock bags in quart/litre or gallon sizes. As well as snacks for such in Kindergarten to 2nd grade, and written notice on how the student in question will go to and from school (by walking, bicycle, bus or parents driving to and from).

And with computers being all the more essential to the educational process, earbud headphones and flash drives are being all the more important school requisites.

Not to mention school bags or backpacks, the latter preferably without wheels and yet easy to fit in the locker, and non-marking gym shoes for Physical Education (to stay in school), and preferably with Velcro closures unless the student is able to tie the laces together into a neat bow without tripping over said laces (flat such preferred over round).

(As a favour, many schools are asking students to also furnish facial tissue, pencils, pens, notepaper and even hand sanitizer for school biblios or their teachers. On the other hand, some schools are supplying their students with assignment books at cost, with advice not to buy outside such.)

As for what to watch out for among classes in the new schools term, Your Correspondent would be the first to call out the que vive for the prospect of a misguided and warped defence of so-called ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl and its presumed "natural interconnexion" unto Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations by His Grace and Favour, which is more than likely to be heavy on the prolefeed-tainted ideology at the expense of the scholastic.

Especially where such pushes the concept of the "Ronald Reagan Free Trade Area" as the "new wave" in AmeriKKKan foreign development aid to underdeveloped countries as are themselves being taken advantage of by the Chinese when it comes to development aid and projects, with attendant risk to their National and Sovereign Identity falling under Beijing's Sphere of Influence; said "Free Trade Area" being based, it turns out, on the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" concept of the Japanese prior to World War II as sought to replace Western-centrist colonialism in the region with an Asia-centrist model as turned out to give unfair preference to the Japanese all the more (as if its misadventures in Korea, Formosa, Manchuria, the Pescadores Islands and the Liaotung Peninsula weren't good enough for their zaibatsu cartels to profit from already) with influences of Salazarist Portugal's Estado Novo and its Luso Tropical brand of colonialism in especially Africa serving no useful purpose but its own brand of national exceptionalism and the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging down South Africa way as set the stage for apartheid in its Luscious Glory of "Christian" racist depravity and hypernationalism.

All tending too heavy to glowing generalities without any regard for the potential socioeconomic as much as human cost, particularly from the exploitation of local indigenous peoples through tactics reeking of slavery and genocide as can be excused to serve His Name and Will if and when asked to explain the why and wherefore.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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