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19h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 5 NOVEMBER 2013: Thoughts While Raking Leaves (mostly damp from rain and fog overnight) at the motel I do for from time to time: We all know Fox News and Fox Business are rather fond of trying to distort the subject to hand by invoking the canard "Some people say--" from time to time ... but would it be just as offensive if said networks resorted to the ethno-religiously insensitive trope of " As Confucius Say--"?

No wonder conservative prolefeeders love to go into moronic singsong, a la The Red Guy on Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel from Cartoon Network some years back, with certain scandal-generating tropes and canards as seek to divert the attention of the masses from The Bigger Picture as Threatens Thy Dear and Lovely Land which these same prolefeeders are unwittingly promoting upon their Moronic Underworld audiences.

One such is "False flag!!", especially in the context of mass shootings with significant and measurable casualties and/or injuries such as Friday's such at LAX Terminal 3 and last night's such at Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, NJ; such will oft be deployed by suggesting that the assailant(s) in question were secretly recruited by "shadow agents" of President Obama to carry out mass attacks which, in due course, could be used to justify a State of National Emergency which could be used to stifle "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike elements and their sympathisers By Any Means Necessary, and in a manner not unlike that which the Nazis deployed following the Reichstag Fire of 1933 (itself a classic case of "false flag" which the Nazis set to justify suspension of civil liberties by blaming a Dutch pyromaniac with Communist sympathies therefor) and even the 1938 Kristallnacht depravities against the Jewish Community in Germany and areas under German protection or control.

Inevitably, such canards lack any credible evidence or substance, and, for all I know, could have been inspired by Al Cohol, Mary Jane Warner, Auntie Em and/or Old Doc Snow on the part of the messenger to heighten the sensationalist value as can win over the Unwashed Masses as are not expected to question the claims and representations made.

The "false flag" canard for the LAX Terminal 3 Massacree
is especially likely to be applied against the prime suspect thereof, one Paul Ciancia, himself under heavy sedation and police guard because of the rather substantial wounds taken by him; expect especially the Alex "InfoWars" Jones crowd to suggest that the sedation against Meneer Ciancia is "under direct orders from President Obama," the better so he doesn't "cause scandal" by letting slip the President's name in issuing the orders or other motivation as led thereto (the old "dead men tell no tales" patsy, as it were) ... and if the "orders" do surface, expect such to be forgeries planted to "cast reasonable doubt" on the part of the audience.

Speaking of forgeries, perhaps the classic case study as fooled a recognised media outlet was that of the "Hitler Diaries," which ultimately damaged the credibility and trust of the German mass-circulation weekly magazine Stern in the spring of 1983 after forensic studies revealed that "the find of the century," as Stern's publicity staff saw it, was really a forgery involving the lowest possible collaboration between the magazine's editor (who himself was sympathetic to the Nazi regime's past) and a notorious forger who was fond at times of forging the signatures of Nazi-regime leaders on collectibles to maximise their value, never mind the rather strict laws there against possession or display of Nazi uniforms, symbols or regalia.

This being brought up in light of questions now having been raised about the credibility and trust of a supposed "key witness" to the Unfortunate Events in Benghazi as the CBS weekly magazine show 60 Minutes used awhile back--and which certain misguided RepubliKKKans in Congress want to question for their own selfish political ends and purposes. It's now emerged that this "witness" was actually nowhere near Benghazi at the time of said Unfortunate Events, and may have been offered money or was otherwise tricked or coached into supplying the "evidence."

Some further insight into the prolefeed-driven journalistic mindsets and mentalities of conservatives in the following cartoon, via The New Yorker's Facebook feed, know:

A message to House Speaker John Boehner: Whence do you get the notion that laws which discourage discrimminatory practices in the workplace (as in the Employer Non-Discrimmination Act, which is expected to pass the Senate within measurable distance) actually "prevents jobs creation"? Have you any documentary proof of cases where non-discrimmination laws were actually used to discourage job applications, or is this a case of projection through prolefeed?

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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