Klik hier om meer oor wat die Republikeine regtig in gedagte het
die armes en ander te red in die laer klasse van hulself uit te vind.

17h20 UTC; SATURDAY, 25 JANUARY 2014: Hopefully, this roundup of Other Interesting Topics Your Correspondent Intended to Address This Past Week, were it not for Other Pressing Topics of Importance Taking Up My Attention in this blog, should whet your appetite, and then some, in the face of a fresh round of rough, sadisto even, winter weather across parts of America such as Westboro Baptist types are sure to exploit as a prolefeed weapon such as reveals their gross disregard of sciencve in the name and service of their closed-minded Biblical Worldview.

Such sadistic weather, as in blowing/drifting snow in consequence of a Fresh Winter Storm expected to hit late tonight through tomorrow (with effects especially blatant in open country prone to wind exposure) and sharp wind chills expected to exceed -40° to -50° Fahrenheit (which can cause serious frostbite on exposed flesh within as little as 5-10 minutes), forcing the cancellation of school in Winona, Austin, Rochester--and perhaps several other school districts up this way--Monday. And maybe Tuesday, come to think of it.

An indirect consequence of this ongoing cold weather is that propane ("Exceptional Energy," as industry-sponsored advertising wants us to see it) is now costing all the more for such using it as their primary heating and cooking fuel--mostly in country areas outside the reach of natural gas pipeline service; as a matter of fact, propane is now running as much as $5/gallon more than last winter, a trend starting with last fall's harvest seeing wet crops as forced farmers to use propane-based grain dryers all the more.

And several states in the Midwest to impose States of Supply Emergency, not to mention a National State of Fuel Supply Emergency, to help rush propane supplies to much-needed areas (and even then, established propane suppliers are now filling tanks only halfway to ensure that all customers are supplied).

New lows on the RepubliKKKan-fuelled "War on Women" were reached this past week, coinciding with the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision legalising abortion, the complete and final reversal thereof seen as a Holy of Holies to the Elmer Gantryites such as fail to consider the consequences of such policies (as were well-demonstrated in Romania under Nicolae Ceauçescu's Communist regime, not to mention well-documented). Especially considering that the highly-nuanced tone of such messages as those calling for forcing women to carry babies to term because abortion "deprives men of their natural rights to parenthood" and Mike Huckabee's insinuation that women "cannot control their libidos without Uncle Sugar" (as in the United States Government) is enough to make you wonder whether such Zealots and True Believers in opposing abortion must have the same mindset as Nazi Germany's desire to achieve their "Aryan Master Race" By Any Means Necessary (even through "campouts" involving Hitler Jügend and Bund Deutscher Mädel troops reduced to nothing less than outright orgies under tacit sanction of Hitler and the Thousand-Year Reich, the notion being that marriage was an outdated, archaic impediment to achieving Race Purity and Glory).

So "Tea Party" articles of faith insist that the poor find work, essentially rejecting State charity as one with "undermining moral character and strength," let alone Our Precious Bodily Fluids: Your Correspondent hath it than an 18-year-old high-school senior out of Cocoa Beach, FL acknowledged modelling for the old "elegant pornoo" to help out his family, only to draw a week's suspension from classes ... and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's parading in his State of the State address what turned out to be a Known and Notorious Sex Criminal as a Model and Example of the Heretofore Unemployed and Government-Dependent Showing Healthy Respect for the Dignity of Labour. (His employer, it turned out, failed to do the proper background checks in processing his employment application as would have turned up his police record.)

Hopefully, Your Correspondent served to demonstrate thus that there were Obviously More Important Stories Worthy of the Real American's Attention and Importance than such prolefeed distractives as, say, teen popdisk sensation Justin Bieber's being arrested in Miami Beach early Thursday morning for Drag Racing and DUI.

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