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18h30 UTC; SATURDAY, 23 NOVEMBER 2013: Memo for Child Welfare authorities to be on the old que vive for--including in Arizona, where a new scandal is emerging over the failure to duly and timely follow up on child-abuse complaints recieved through a confidential freephone tip line (and for which officials are trying to avoid implying that funding cuts are forcing such measures in the first place):

Come "Black Friday" (the 29th, know), there's bound to be the likelihood that certain parents "out there," fresh from recovering from the annual Thanksgiving dinner the day previous, will be asking their children, what with school being out for an extended weekend break, to please "leave them alone" and "not get in the way" with too much time before the TV, the computer or the video-game console at home--as in asking them to please be out of the house from after breakfast until later in the evening (with the implication that they take lunch and supper out) and "make their own fun for once" by "blending in" with the mall shopping crowds.

To be reinforced with pre-loaded debit cards as will be expected to cover "practical" Christias gift purchases for close kith and kin, as well as meals and snacks, and all-day bus passes--as well as carefully-scripted stories to give in case mall security personnel ask questions about the want of parental supervision in their instance about the parents "having a nervous breakdown" or otherwise falling sick for some reason to the extent that they need to have the kids out of the house for the day. Which, when you get right down to it, is more than likely to be dogwhistle code for giving the parents carte blanche to perouse and access child pornography off Teh Innerwebz (though they don't want to acknowledge it openly lest the cover be blown to the point of causing scandal as could, in its turn, have the children removed into foster care).

Should it emerge that the ruse worked, expect the parents to explain that the exercise was necessary "to make you understand that we can't always have the time to have fun with you, that you need to find the fun for yourselves," or some such canard reeking of disingenuity. Otherwise--expect a Loud and Chaotic Police Raid on the house as the kids return home, with computers taken away as part of the proceedings and the parents screaming "Traitors!", "Troublemakers!" and suchlike at their children.

And when asked by the police, the kids in question repeat the same carefully-scripted and nuanced story they were coached into giving about "nervous breakdown" or somesuch.

Which brings Your Correspondent to just how obsessive the paranoia can get among certain specimens of "Bible-Believing Christians," and the prolefeeders which enable them, about "Christian Persecution!" (the trope being delivered in that obnoxiously lilting singsong from The Red Guy on Cow and Chicken, know) being imminent or already (howbeit discreetly) underway in Thy Dear and Lovely Nation, Rightful Successor to Apartheid South Africa's Title of God's Own Country by Divine Will and Endowment, with said exercises expected (or so the prolefeed will claim) to rival the Nazi Holocaust in terms of martyrdoms through not just the gas chambers, but also overwork, starvation, disease or even "medical experiments" of dubious scientific merit.

Which, methinks, raises the question of projection (as in seeking to swap places with the LGBTQ element they see as Threats to Morals, Decency and Common Sense vis-a-vis the persecution target once they come unto power) which seeks to avoid raising questions of scandal and present themselves as Divinely-Appointed Guardians and Warriors to Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Land to His Name and Glory....

In a related vein:

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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