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19h UTC; FRIDAY, 22 NOVEMBER 2013:
With this being the 50th anniversary of the martyrdom of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, perhaps it might be interesting to call your attention to the following:

(The latter, know, having some sort of timeliness and relevance to the willfully conscious socioeconomic divisions in the name of "Austerity Towards Prosperity" such as "Tea Party" types see as an article of faith. Not to mention seeking to use God's Name to excuse same.)

Meanwhile, those of you as still feel compelled to give the kids toys this Festive Season (especially so the sort as gets widely advertised on TV) might want to consider giving educational and learning-based toys and games iconfor a change. Especially considering studies showing where kids are less likely to show signs of ennui and boredom from playing witb learning-centrist toys than with more typical such, which can get boring all the more quickly (and I guess you can sympathise, having seen such in the kids after opening such toys at Christmas, no?)

Such may also be worth thinking about in giving a few such to Toys for Tots, an initiative of the Marine Corps Reserve as gives new toys and games to children in need over the holidays.

I suppose you've heard by now about Butterball's claim that there may be a turkey shortage heading into the Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday ... which, it turns out (and by their own admission), needs qualification of the highest order: The shortage in question involves fresh turkeys for the Thanksgiving market, which should ideally average 14-16 lb (but, at least for this year's table, may not exactly be up to par for some reason or another). Frozen turkeys are another matter; Butterball is quick to point out that there should be no issues with supply thereof.

Nor should the "shortage" affect supplies from other major turkey processors, including Jennie-O Turkey Store, Honeysuckle White, Pocahontas, Norbest, Tyson and store brands.

Meanwhile, those of you who might like to try something interesting in cooking the Thanksgiving bird may want to ponder this suggestion from The Old Farmer's Almanac(k) for 1906:
Some people like to have their turkey stuffed between the skin and the flesh. After washing in warm water, the skin over the sides back to the end of the breastbone may be separated from the flesh, and the dressing packed between, making a plump and handsome bird and very much improving the flavour of the meat. This avoids the necessity of putting dressing in the inside.
(Not to mention reducing the risk of salmonella contamination by cooking the dressing inside the bird, especially if the bird is already stuffed.)

"Eunuch," come to think of it, should be one of those words that Fox Business should start looking up in their Funk & Wagnalls for once, especially in light of these rather condescending remarks caught by Media Matters for America in which the term was applied to men on Social Security disability without due regard for any understanding as to its meaning--as in a castrated man, especially the sort who, in an earlier time, served as harem guards or palace officials.

But then again, as it's been explained to moi, the only way companies would be willing to hire disabled workers would be if they were given greater flexibility to use them as independent contractors, to use same on an "as-needed" basis, and to pay them lower wages--usually from the petty cash--than more mainstream such; the contention being that "image issues" and "outdated rules, laws and policies" stand in the way.

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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