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18h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2013: First off, an important message relative to Indecision 2014:

In a similar vein, readers, Real America needs to challenge the latest conservative prolefeed trope which implies that any sort of effort to address socioeconomic inequality such as through jobs creation, improving welfare benefits, &c., "will only cause socioeconomic harm"--howbeit lacking credible evidence to substantiate. As if implying, in essence, that an agenda founded on the Afrikaans rallying-cry to the Afrikaner Volk in the late 1930's of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") is the best and only hope for the poor to save themselves from themselves

Canada's Very Own Dirty Trash Can Full of Poop,
otherwise known as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, is now essentially mayor in title and stylee only after the Toronto City Council voted to essentially move most of his powers and functions (including such relative to the budget) to the Deputy Mayor, thereby forcing Mayor Ford into a state of war come next year's mayoral elections.

To make the injury more insulting, Ford's new Sun News Channel show, The Ford Nation, has been cancelled after its first broadcast, citing production cost overruns despite generating an audience of 100,000 in its one broadcast.

In the same general vein of Dirty Trash Cans Full of Poop, Congressional "Tea Party" stylee, would have to be Florida RepubliKKKan Congressman Trey Radel, as has made a full Appy Polly Loggy to his constituents after it emerged that he was arrested by DC Police last month for Possession and Purchase of Crack Cocaine in a sting operation set up by a police informant with known drug-syndicate ties. As well, Representative Radel has also apologised for drunkenness, adding that he is now seeking treatment.

Still, though, we deserve to know if said Appy Polly Loggy was indeed sincere, in good faith and without prejudice. That, and wondering if such may be but an isolated case, or is symptomatic of a broader issue within the "Tea Party" political ranks as deserves to be flagged in Indecision 2014 especially vis-a-vis the broader issue of public confidence and trust in politicians generally and "Tea Party" such especially.

Making the case for the need to invest all the more in passenger rail in Thy Dear and Lovely Land: A just-released study in USA Today shows that, by 2024, most of the major airports across the country will see the same levels of passenger flows common to the Thanksgiving Long Weekend at least twice a week. Here's how it's expected to evolve starting in 2015:
  • 2015: JFK, MCO, MDW
  • 2016: FLL, LAS, SAN, HNL
  • 2017: MIA
  • 2018: TPA, PDX, LAX
  • 2019: SEA, BWI, IAD
  • 2020: BOS, SLC, SFO
  • 2021: CLT, PHX
  • 2022: IAH, PHL
  • 2023: MSP, EWR
  • 2024: ORD
The which, for the most part, can be put down to airline consolidations (as per the "Natural Selection" beloved of the more hard-wired True Believers in ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe) forcing more passengers into major hubs and politically-motivated funding approriations favouring smaller airports at the expense of major hubs.

Beware the so-called "Tea Party Leadership Fund" and its campaign appeals, especially in the wake of revelations about such being a scheme structured more for endless-belt fundraising efforts involving politically-connected subcontractors.

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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